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14 Adobe AIR Applications for Web Developers and Designers

14 Adobe AIR Applications for Web Developers and Designers


This is an amazing Adobe AIR application that allows you to snip any part of the website you are browsing and use it to make a desktop gadget. Very useful for web development as you can put these on your websites, fiddle with it and have fun.

FEAT (Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool)

The feat is another interesting application that allows you to calculate your salary, price of a project and expenditure as you lap up those freelancing projects. Very useful for freelance workers, you can install it on your site or desktop and see it work magic.


This is a simple Adobe AIR application that is a virtual To-Do-List. Very popular with the people around.

Vertabase Timer:

This sleek desktop widget helps you track time on a project or on a client. It is your mini-task manager.

SearchCoders dashboard:

It is an award-winning application that allows flex coders to get in touch with one another. You can interact with them on forums, on chats and exchange bits and pieces of code as well.

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Use Multilayer Parallax Effect to Create an Eye-Catching Website

Use Multilayer Parallax Effect to Create an Eye-Catching Website

Parallax was first used by Nike back in 2011 and has now become one of the most widely used effects for websites. What makes it so popular is the fantastic 3D effect that it provides and a variety of customization opportunities. On the other hand, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems in the world, with users from all over the world. With that in mind, many WP themes are created to put together these two in order to present an advanced but easy-to-use technology that helps all users of WP CMS to get fantastic websites fast and simple, preserving the full functionality on all devices.

In order to bring closer to you all the possibilities that parallax can give and maybe give you some ideas about how multilayer parallax slider works and what you can get by using it, we are here presenting a few among many websites that take advantage of this cool feature.

This website makes pretzels look like a kind of art. It uses Parallax scrolling to present its product to the customers in a way that is so appealing that it will make you scroll up and down and enjoy the beautiful design. With the dark, simple background and the products in the foreground, it focuses on the products and the brand’s uniqueness.

Hot Dot

Hot Dot uses horizontal scrolling with a simple background. With a combination of animation, images and texts, this is an example of a multilayer parallax slider that creates a really amazing 3D effect.

Teapot creation also keeps it simple with a black and white design, mostly light background and only a few coloured details. All service information is packed in a simple, elegant slider, as well as the rich company portfolio.


Madwell has the full-page parallax scrolling effect, with a different image for each section. This website gives a great visual effect by letting the images tell the story on the homepage. It provides easy navigation and insights into the provided services and previous work.

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15 Awesome Sketch Freebies for Designers

15 Awesome Sketch Freebies for Designers

Every graphic and web designer knows how demanding their job is and how fast the design field changes. Everyone who likes to keep up with the latest news and trends surely has some experience with Sketch.

Sketch is a software built for modern designers and provides a range of handy tools. In this post, we have selected some awesome freebies released for Sketch that can be useful for various purposes. Sketch is relatively new, but it is becoming more and more popular. Have you had experience with any of these?

1 – Essentials

2 – Weather Iconset

3 – Dark UI Kit

4 – Workout Icons

5 – Twitter Profile Card

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Amazing Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Amazing Free Photoshop Plugins for Designers

Photoshop is a powerful tool and the most commonly used design tool, but if you use the right plugins, you will realize how your Photoshop experience can change. At some point, you have probably had struggles with Photoshop functions that you need but that don’t exist.

What you can do if you have similar problems is either change the software or make your existing software better. We suggest that you should try to use one of these, which will make Photoshop even more functional and easy to use. Plugins can unify all the creative solutions in only one software, but they also save time and money and make your workflow easier.

Here we have collected some handy Photoshop plugins that might help designers in their needs and help them speed up their work. These plugins will help you be more productive and stretch your creativity. Here are some of the tasks that can be done easier and faster if you use the right plugin: exporting Photoshop layers, converting PSD to CSS3, Photoshop text to SVG and skeuomorphic design to flat design, generating long shadows etc. Choose the one you need, try it out and share your experience with us and your colleagues.

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