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Webmaster tips for improving the usability of a webdesign

Webmaster tips for improving the usability of a webdesign

A good web designer will always come up with new and great ideas that will set trends. A GREAT web designer will make a balance between a new web design and the functionality of the site that he is working on.

There are many exercises for web designers that promote ease of use and functionality, an excellent maintenance rate and great user satisfaction. I will adduce some of those elements created to greatly increase the site’s usability and functionality.

Intuitive navigation technique

There is an expression roaming around web users: “If you can’t find it on the first two pages of Google search, it doesn’t exist” The point of this expression is that the end-users often redirect their search from one to three links on the site before they give up. Keep it simple and keep it clean.

The intuitive navigation offers users that they jump from site to site and find the required information quickly and easily. While designing a site, keep in mind that users do not have to jump more than three levels in their search.

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