Blurred Background Websites for Your Inspiration

One of the reigning trends of 2014, apart from flat, responsive designs are blurred backgrounds. These backgrounds get the focus completely on the content of our websites. They enhance the emphasis on the objects of our site and hence, provide more impact on the user than the regular designs. Thus, these kinds of designs have become very popular. Not only are they simple, but also they provide a sleek and professional look to the site.

If you do not have an idea regarding these kinds of sites and are interested in using this concept for the design of your site, then here are a few of the most brilliantly designed blurred background sites for your inspiration. Some of them are WordPress themes, some portfolios, whereas others are for mobile websites. But all of them are awesome. Check them out:

1. Vellum

2. Identi-U

3. True Canvas

4. inCreate

5. Suspended Animations

6. Paypass Technology

7. Benjamin Vilain

8. Portal

9. Blurred Backgrounds

10. Post Woodworking

11. Mexin

12. Phytech

13. Innonline Solutions

14. Cooper

15. HEILBrice

16. Richard Outram

17. Rajesh Grg

18. SPIC

19. Numero Neuf

20. Wanderlust