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20 Resources That Every Designer Needs

20 Resources That Every Designer Needs

Ever felt you were being bogged down by the resources that you have at your disposal? Ever felt that if you had a better or more attractive resources kit, then you would’ve met that deadline, but you weren’t able to meet or satisfy that client who rejected your design?

In this fast-paced world, where trends are made every second, let us see a few resources that are the saving grace of some and the magic tricks of others.

These resources come to the aid of all those desperate souls that search for better resources in the nick of time to complete their project. That’s almost awesome but never quite so.

Now, pay attention and feast upon the amazing resources developed by the truly ingenious developers to make our designing tasks that much easier.

1. Pixeldropr:

Allows us to create collections of our favourite icons, illustrations, etc. which can be directly dragged and dropped to a PSD file.

2. Drawspace:

Downloadable lessons to learn drawing.

3. Unheap:

Huge collection of JQuery Plugins for web enthusiasts!

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