Amazing Login Page Designs for Your Inspiration

With changing trends, we need to change our respective strategies when designing. This year, we know that responsive, flat designs have become the trend. Accordingly, we need to incorporate this into every aspect of our designs. That applies to the login page too. Previously, the login page used to be simple and did not involve much designing.

To help you settle in to this change, we have rounded up some very interesting login page designs that involve floating boxes, transparent backgrounds and even sophisticated designs. These elegant designs are displayed so that you get an idea of the popular trends and ideas behind each design.

1. Nestor

2. Baka Plan

3. Photo Notary

4. Flat Writer

5. Xtra Studios

6. Silverlight

7. Sprk

8. Signorelli

9. Roche Advisors

10. Boehringer Ingelhium

11. Wifi

12. Time Management System

13. Library Management System

14. Suggestion Management System

15. Online Appointment

16. Admin Panel

17. Flat Google+ Page

18. Ministry of Education

19. Demo

20. Classic Page