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4 Cybersecurity Threats That You Should Know and Protect Against

4 Cybersecurity Threats That You Should Know and Protect Against

As the digital world grows and evolves, so do cybersecurity threats and attacks that you face as an online business owner. With cyber-criminals devising more sophisticated methods to infiltrate your system and steal highly-sensitive data, it can be challenging to secure your business from all sides. The good news is there are some excellent ways to keep your business and your customers protected against cyber-attacks. In this post, we’ll cover these four cybersecurity threats you should know and protect against to keep your business’ and customers’ interests protected.

1. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)
A DDoS attack crashes your network or server by flooding them with unwanted traffic. This makes it impossible for your website and its services to stop working. An attack like this can cause downtime that might cost your business sales opportunities and crash your website to the point that your business ceases to exist. If that’s not serious enough, there is the risk of your private data being breached since DDoS attacks are also used by cybercriminals to extort money and information from their victims.

However, there is a solution to help you stop this kind of attack in its tracks, and that is by adopting a cyber kill chain model in your cybersecurity strategy. This preventive measure helps you make a complete and detailed assessment of your security to identify your weak spots. Think of it as getting inside the mind of a hacker, where you take a “first-person view” of the steps to carry out a cyber attack. With a cyber kill chain, you can see the layout and process of a successful cyber attack from start to finish and identify the stage where a potential threat is most likely to occur. Doing a preventive assessment through a cyber kill chain helps you reinforce your cyber security strategies, secure your business from all corners, and get the peace of mind to run your business smoothly.

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