14 Adobe AIR Applications for Web Developers and Designers


This is an amazing Adobe AIR application that allows you to snip any part of the website you are browsing and use it to make a desktop gadget. Very useful for web development as you can put these on your websites, fiddle with it and have fun.

FEAT (Freelancer’s Estimation Assistance Tool)

The feat is another interesting application that allows you to calculate your salary, price of a project and expenditure as you lap up those freelancing projects. Very useful for freelance workers, you can install it on your site or desktop and see it work magic.


This is a simple Adobe AIR application that is a virtual To-Do-List. Very popular with the people around.

Vertabase Timer:

This sleek desktop widget helps you track time on a project or on a client. It is your mini-task manager.

SearchCoders dashboard:

It is an award-winning application that allows flex coders to get in touch with one another. You can interact with them on forums, on chats and exchange bits and pieces of code as well.


A must-have application for developers as this allows them to cut, store and organize snippets of their favourite codes without compromising on the data.


This is an application, more for designers, where you can see the value of colors, choose random colors or mix and make your own as well.

Font Picker:

It is an AIR Application that shows you all the fonts that you have on your desktop at once, in an organized manner. You just write your text and see how it looks with different fonts and then use it on your webpage or anywhere else you want.

Shrink O’ Matic:

This is an interesting and useful application that allows you to resize images of any format. You simply drag and drop the image and then choose the size and the format you want.

Rich FLV Editor:

With this video application, you can edit any kind of video and change it to FLV or MP3 as you wish. You can merge videos and use them for sharing and uploading on your website.

Flickr Flipper:

Flickr Flipper is an interesting application for you to twiddle with Flickr, the popular image-sharing website. You can download images, tweak them and share them as well.

Icon generator:

Another interesting application that allows you to generate icons like CS3 and Web 2.0 in easy steps. You choose the type, color and text, and your icon is ready to be made.


This Adobe AIR Application is like a virtual ruler where you measure the size of any object on the desktop or a web page. A very useful and popular application with web developers and designers.

Web Kut:

This application allows you to take snapshots of whole or part of a webpage by selecting the area.