Elegant & Responsive Portfolios for your Inspiration

Responsive, minimalistic and flat designs are reigning supreme. Straight lines, less elements, distinct color combinations and unique content should be the focus while designing these kinds of sites.

Leading these designs are simple color palettes and typography. Displayed below are some of the best portfolios that were launched recently. They are simple. They are responsive. They inspire.

1. GlossRey:

2. Thomas Ciszewski:

3. We are the Swan:

4. Guy Moorehouse:

5. Mike Kus:

6. Prospek:

7. Benjamin Vilain:

8. Design Embraced:

9. Jean-Christophe Suzanne:

10. Rob Lutter:

11. Mostly Serious:

12. Never Saw the Light of Day:

13.Ying Wang Sunny:

14. MUG:

15. Visualizers:

16. Guave Interactive:

17. Manuel Rueda:

18. I want to be a footballer:

19. Forty:

20. Sidar Sahin: