5 Simple and Impressive Content Management Systems For Web Designers


With PageLime, you can create multiple sites and assign different users and permissions to each. Your content is edited using a real-time live preview, so you can see updates to your site right away. It also stores versions of your site in case you want to revert back to an older rendition. It also has integrated SEO fields so that you can edit your metadata right from within the editor. Other features include photo editing and resizing, saving pages as templates, and the ability to brand your site with your logo and custom colours.

Surreal CMS

Surreal CMS lets you manage multiple websites with its customizable rich-text editor or connect your already-made websites (via FTP) to edit from within their interface. There are SEO fields that let you edit the page title, description, and keywords, and you can also integrate with Google Analytics in order to track your traffic and views. It also keeps a page history so that you can remove individual revisions if needed. Managing your files and folders is easy with their File Manager; plus, you can edit and resize images using their Image Editor. An impressive feature is the built-in Tidy tool that lets you validate your markup and fix any issues found.


CushyCMS lets you have unlimited sites, pages, and editors. You won’t need to know any advanced coding or programming – just basic HTML only. It’s extremely customizable with a lot of different possibilities. It offers many branding features, such as a custom logo, custom domain, custom colours, built-in schemes, and custom welcome emails. It also includes a customizable WYSIWYG editor and the ability to add your own custom styles and classes.

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is “an open source content management system, [that] allows for faster and easier management of website content.” It has a group-based permissions system, file manager, and admin panel that supports multiple languages. One of the best features is its support for add-ons, which are called modules. There are 15+ pages of modules to choose from which include: Akismet, calendar, captcha, cart, Google Maps, classifieds, Google sitemap, social integration (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube), and much more.


SilverStripe is an open-source CMS system that can be used by both beginners and experienced designers. “The Sapphire framework keeps the code tucked away neatly so that it can be accessed easily by programmers, but does not get in the way of content authors.” The WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop functions make it super easy to edit your content and add images. You’ll have the ability to save drafts of your site before publishing and revert back to older versions of a page if needed. You can also add metadata for SEO purposes.

Honourable Mentions


A very easy-to-use CMS platform with an elegant admin interface and powerful developer tools. You can have unlimited pages and users, plus you can create page templates for easier page development.


A CMS platform that hosts your already-built website and then lets you edit it without the need for any programming knowledge. You can easily insert web forms, create mailing lists, and send out email newsletters. Plus, it has built-in analytics.