15 Awesome Sketch Freebies for Designers

Every graphic and web designer knows how demanding their job is and how fast the design field changes. Everyone who likes to keep up with the latest news and trends surely has some experience with Sketch.

Sketch is a software built for modern designers and provides a range of handy tools. In this post, we have selected some awesome freebies released for Sketch that can be useful for various purposes. Sketch is relatively new, but it is becoming more and more popular. Have you had experience with any of these?

1 – Essentials

2 – Weather Iconset

3 – Dark UI Kit

4 – Workout Icons

5 – Twitter Profile Card

6 – Credit Card Icons

7 – Material Design App

8 – Music Player App

9 – Player Glyphs

10 – Settings Icon

11 – Flash Icon

12 – Hand-drawn Emoticons

13 – Date Picker

14 – HTC One M8

15 – Voting App UI