20 Amazing Illustrated Websites for Your Inspiration

When you are in the web design industry, there is no limit to what you can include in your websites. Really! You don’t believe it? Well, you better do. Because when the top trends are responsive, flat designs and minimalistic effects, there are some websites developed by very creative designers that incorporate complex designs, flash videos and HTML5 snippets to enhance the look of their website and give the user a truly unforgettable experience. 

You can use these ideas as inspiration for your website. If you need to create websites that use Illustration as a factor, here is a beautiful array of websites that use some exceptional Illustrations and effects as a part of their awesome websites:

1. Complete Baltics

2. Startup Film

3. 826LA

4. Pete Nottage

5. Taco Spillet

6. Les Berges

7. Redvolucion

8. Tillamook

9. Spartans Vs Hipsters

10. UnaHistoriaQueDalaVuelta

11. Car Visualiser Classics

12. Flat Vs Realism

13. MSC Cruises

14. The Erasable Wall

15. Costa Experience

16. Aqua Verde

17. House Kitchen

18. Digitz

19. MBA Multimedia

20. Kai Po Che