7 Questions To Answer Before Redesigning Your Website

If you want to have a redesign of your existing website before so much as one line of new code is created, there are plenty of tasks that need to be undertaken first. As with any project that is worth doing properly, and your business’s website obviously falls into that category, effective planning and preparation are essential if success is to be achieved.

There are many tools, methods and processes that can be utilised within the planning and preparation stage of designing a website, and one which we find to be one of the most effective is the asking and answering of some key questions.

These questions go deeper than simply deciding which colours and fonts are to be used (although those questions should still be answered) but instead relate to the aim of ensuring your website is designed in a way that gives it the best chance of success. Here are 7 questions that make this aim easier to achieve.

What Are The Fundamental Objectives Of Your Website?

Every website should have at least 1 or 2 goals because it allows its design to focus on achieving them. At the same time, you do not want to give your website too many objectives as this simple waters downs its ability to achieve its main objectives.

What Are The Positives And The Negatives Of Your Current Website?

Even if your existing website is regarded by you as an unmitigated flop, there are still useful lessons to be learned from it. Identify what elements did not work, and on a positive note, also identify some features which did work. This way your website redesign will avoid previous mistakes, and include successful features.

Who Are Your Target Audience?

One of the biggest web design mistakes we see is websites trying to be all things to all people. In other words, it tries to target everyone, which in reality will never be your target audience. You will know that your products or services appeal to certain demographics and people who have certain likes and likes. As such, ensure your new web design has features you know will appeal to this target group.

What Is Remarkable And Unique About Your Business That Can Be Reflected In Your Web Design?

In business, what sets you apart and above your competition is what gives you a competitive edge over them. So, by identifying what is unique and remarkable about your business, its products, and its staff you can reflect these within the design of your website via its pages, images, and content.

What Is Impressive About Other Websites In Your Business Niche?

Never be ashamed to admit you are impressed by the web designs of your competitors and other businesses. Better still, by examining those websites and identifying which features are the most effective, you can include these in your design. We are not saying simply copy them, but to emulate what they have done, and try to improve upon it.

How Does Your Website Integrate With And Contribute To Your Overall Digital Marketing Plan?

Your website should never be something that exists in isolation. Instead, it should be a key component of your entire marketing and sales strategy. This means ensuring its design allows your website to play its part and to compliment your other marketing channels such as social media pages, and email.

Who Is Going To Design, Build And Manage Your Website?

All the great pre-planning you have done up to now will be for nothing if the person or people who ultimately design and build your website are not up to the task. This is why you must seriously consider employing a professional web design agency to carry out the work. They will even be able to help you answer the previous 6 questions.