Use Multilayer Parallax Effect to Create an Eye-Catching Website

Parallax was first used by Nike back in 2011 and has now become one of the most widely used effects for websites. What makes it so popular is the fantastic 3D-effect that it provides and a variety of customization opportunities. On the other hand, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems in the world, with users from all over the world. With that in mind, many WP themes are created to put together these two in order to present an advanced, but easy to use technology, that helps all users of WP CMS to get fantastic websites fast and simple, preserving the full functionality on all devices.

In order to bring closer to you all the possibilities that parallax can give and maybe give you some ideas about how multilayer parallax slider works and what you can get by using it, we are here presenting a few among many websites that take advantage of this cool feature.

This website makes pretzels look like a kind of art. It uses Parallax scrolling to present their product to the customers, in a way that is so appealing, that it will make you scroll up and down and enjoy the beautiful design. With the dark, simple background and the products in the foreground, it focuses on the products and the brand uniqueness.

Hot Dot

Hot Dot uses horizontal scrolling, with simple background. With combination of animation, images and texts, this is an example of multilayer parallax slider that creates a really amazing 3D effect.

Teapot-creation also keeps it simple with black and white design, mostly light background and only few coloured details. All service information is packed in a simple, elegant slider, as well as the rich company portfolio.


Madwell has the full page parallax scrolling effect, with different image for each section. This website gives a great visual effect, by letting the images to tell the story on the homepage. It provides an easy navigation and insights in the provided services and previous work.

Von Dutch

Here is an example of how parallax scrolling can be used for creating a very inspiring company website. Parallax slider is used to tell the story behind the brand, in a creative and interesting way.

Rimmel London

What can be a better recommendation for using a multi-layer parallax effect, than a famous, world-known brand. Rimmel uses a colourful design that appeals to their target group and the multilayer parallax slider makes it easy to focus on the products in the foreground.

L’Atelier Agency

This agency that creates visual online identity for its clients, has also decided to create its own identity with help of parallax slider. With simple black and white backgrounds and with combination of vintage and modern objects in the foreground, it has really created a unique visual identity for itself.

Your website can look like this too
Those are only a few examples of how you can customize your Parallax slider to create a unique responsive website and Sierra One-Page WP theme is the best choice to finish all the work in the shortest period of time, so that you get more time to focus on your products and services. Beside of choosing the right images and videos for your business, it is also important to find a font that matches your style and design. Sierra comes with 336 Typicons font included, so you have a plenty of great fonts to choose from.

Among all its handy features, Sierra One-Page also provides an unique, multilayer parallax slider feature, that will help you to create an amazing and eye-catching header, in order to present your services in the best possible way.

Check out Sierra

As the customization is one of the main advantage of this theme, multilayer parallax can also be modified easily and simply. No matter what kind of website you are about to launch, one of the most important things is to show uniqueness and meet your target group’s expectations. Multilayer parallax effect is one of the best ways to create unique headers, by combining videos, images and textual elements. That is why multilayer parallax effect is so widely used nowadays and why Sierra One-Page focuses on it as well.
Sierra One-Page is a multi-purpose portfolio WordPress theme, fully responsive, with a modern look and some really handy features that will help you with creating a unique, user-friendly website. Sierra One Page Parallax Portfolio theme is designed to meet your needs, no matter what type of portfolio you are about to present to the users. Is it an Agency website or a Freelancer website, Sierra One-Page lets you easily create a website for all purposes, especially those that focus on creativity, photography and fashion.

It is also a great choice for online magazines and blogs. Sierra One Page theme is developed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, so it comes with Revolution Slider, which means that you can create great and cool sliders in the header easier then ever. This theme focuses on easy customization, so with very little modification, you can get the website that fits your needs perfectly and that will provide the same functionality on both mobile and desktop devices. Highly customizable, Sierra One-Page is available in two styles, so you can choose between the dark and the light version, depending on your preferences. You can also switch them any time. It will take only few minutes to install Sierra and its powerful admin panel will let you modify the content very easily.

It gives all WordPress users a chance to create amazing Parallax sliders, with only a few clicks, no matter if they are experienced WP users or newbies. Simplicity and ease of use are the most important factors to get your website online as soon as possible and Sierra brings it all, with simple navigation and easy to use admin panel. It gives an opportunity to create amazing and original multi-layer parallax effects, by combining text, images and interactive elements.