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20 Beautiful Web Designs that emphasize Blue

20 Beautiful Web Designs that emphasize Blue

I know that creating amazing websites that are responsive, minimalistic and snazzy is an intensely creative process and needs to factor in many issues. Now imagine restricting yourself to a single colour.  Seems much harder, right? It complicates the process. It increases the complexity by at least twice as much.

You must be wondering, “So why restrict yourself? Use the complete potential of the colour palette! That is much more sensible”. That may be so. But what if you had no choice in the matter? What if you are working for a company and your client is bent upon a particular colour? They may be fixated because each colour has a significant effect on the consumer, and they want to leave no loop holes in their website. Here is a collection of websites focusing on one such colour that signifies stability, trust, depth, et cetera to the customers.

1. Lovedays

2. Eleks

3. Socialis

4. Soniaby

5. Volkswagen Think Blue

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