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5 Steps To Guarantee Your Law Firm’s SEO Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

One of the most asked marketing questions from lawyers concerning their business is how they can use SEO to boost the rankings of their website and thus see more visitors land on their websites in the expectation that those visitors become paying clients. In truth, it is a question not unique to lawyers as it is also asked by business owners in every business niche and sector you could possibly think of.

However, it is lawyers and law firms we are going to focus on, and in doing so we want to highlight ways in which SEO can help boost their search engine rankings. If you were to study SEO for any length of time, you will soon discover that there are hundreds of ways that have been suggested as to how SEO should be done or rather hundreds of ranking factors that could be optimised.

That can seem daunting, and whilst we do not suggest you ever not seek to improve your SEO in every way you can, it needs to be done within an overall strategy. Part of that strategy should include focussing on tasks and actions that are proven to play the most significant role in producing results, aka higher rankings.

As such, we are not going to outline dozens of actions you could take but instead highlight just five. These are five steps that every SEO expert will tell you are essential and known to make a large contribution to SEO campaigns and their goal of getting a website ranking on Google’s first page. Incidentally, we recommend you follow these in the order they are presented.

Step #1 – Keyword Research

No improved and consistent search engine rankings are possible without keyword research. Without it you have no idea what searches are being entered by those searching for lawyers online, nor do you know which are highly competitive and which could be ranked for relatively easily. Keyword research can be done using software and online tools, and we also recommend competitor research to see what keywords other lawyers’ websites are ranking for.

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How To Use Local SEO To Send Your Family Lawyers Website To The Top Of Google

How To Use Local SEO To Send Your Family Lawyers Website To The Top Of Google

How competitive is the family lawyers sector that your law practice operates within? If it is in any way competitive, as it is in almost every location you care to think of, then you must find ways to place your family law practice before the eyes of those who are looking for legal representation for family law matters.

You could do this several ways offline such as local advertising in local newspapers or radio stations, but the problem with them, apart from the cost, is that they are not well targeted. Thousands of people will be seeing or hearing your ads who currently have no need for, nor interest in hiring, a family lawyer.

This is one of the reasons that online marketing is favoured by many businesses, including family lawyer businesses because it provides several means of targeting more effectively within your advertising and marketing strategies. One of those methods used by numerous businesses to generate lots of traffic and thus prospects is local SEO.

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SEO Consultant Vs SEO Agency - Which Is Best

SEO Consultant Vs SEO Agency – Which Is Best?

For a business owner who has decided to boost the rankings of their website to increase the amount of organic traffic they receive, the way to achieve that is via SEO. Assuming that they are not an SEO expert, then they have two choices as to who it is they employ to plan, create, and implement an SEO campaign. Those two choices are either an SEO consultant or an SEO agency.

The most obvious difference between the two is that an SEO consultant will be a single person who operates on a freelance basis. Alternatively, an SEO agency will be a business with employees that combine their efforts to achieve what the client has asked them to. There are several other differences, and these will greatly influence your experience of using them.

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Why Optimising Internal Linking Within Your Website Is Essential For Better Rankings On Google

Why Optimising Internal Linking Within Your Website Is Essential For Better Rankings On Google

When a business is trying to implement an SEO campaign, either by itself or by using an SEO agency, the subject of backlinks will inevitably arise. Backlinks are often referred to as the oxygen that fuels rankings, and that is a pretty good analogy given that they are essential for an SEO campaign to deliver high rankings.

Whenever backlinks are being discussed the focus is usually on external links. In other words, the links are all coming from other websites. However, what is often overlooked is the fact that creating links internally can have a hugely positive effect on the SEO of a website and they also offer up other benefits.

The first benefit is that because these links are all going to be within your own website, you do not need to ask anyone’s permission to create them. This means that you can easily generate an effective internal linking strategy that maximises your SEO and subsequently improves your rankings.

One caveat we must highlight here is that there is a risk that website owners go to town with their internal linking and end up doing more harm than good. Simply generating dozens of internal links randomly is not going to produce any benefits at all. Google is wise to just about every shortcut out there and that applies to excessive internal linking. Too many links and links created for no apparent reason are to be avoided.

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5 Innovative Content Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Embrace

5 Innovative Content Marketing Strategies Every Business Should Embrace

Ask multiple marketers who is king, and some will tell you it is Google. This is understandable given Google’s dominance of search engine traffic and the fact their ranking algorithm is the one most website owners and SEO agencies are trying to master. However, there is another aspect of digital marketing that many will tell you is the real king and that is content.

For our money, it is probably more appropriate to say that content is the kingmaker as it is content and its quality, relevance, and impact on user experience that Google takes into account in deciding whether a website ranks number 1 or number 100 in its search results.

Most business and website owners might not wish to get too involved in the more technical elements of SEO, but they all should have an appreciation of what constitutes good content. Sadly, much of the evidence suggests that many do not know, or if they do know, they choose not to pursue it. The result is poor content that does nothing to boost their brand or their rankings.

We trust you are in the other category and want to ensure that the content which is produced on behalf of your business is not only something you are proud to put your name to but which also contributes to boosting your website’s position on Google and the other search engines. If so, read on and we will outline 5 great techniques that will take your content to a higher level.

Create Content Which Is More Targeted Towards Your Audience

There was a time when as long as content was of sufficient quality it could be general and speak to a wider audience, but that is changing. For content to be at its most effective in stimulating users into taking action, it needs to be targeted towards a more specific audience. This requires research beforehand to establish what types of content work well within your niche, and most importantly what content converts best when created with your target audience in mind.

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Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Skins & Designs

Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Skins & Designs

Twitter Bootstrap skins facilitate easier and faster web development. It is a free resource that contains both HTML and CSS templates for typography, buttons, forms and even JavaScript extensions! It is the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile-first projects on the web. Bootstrap is available on GitHub, the open-source development’s social network.

The following bootstrap skins & designs have a lot of extra features like CSS3 transitions & effects, back-to-top scrollers and Date-pickers, to name a few. All these bootstrap skins are LESS (a CSS pre-processor) customized.

1. Boske:

2. Metro Klass:

3. Kucluk:

4. Flatner:

5. Antagon:

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