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If you think Photoshop is the only image editing tool available in the market, you have to read this because there are many other softwares which have the same ability like Photoshop and which can easily serve the purpose as the alternative for Adobe Photoshop. These image editing tools are easily available online and free to download.


is a very user friendly tool for both new bees and also professionals for image editing. This software is absolutely free to use where you don’t have to pay for anything even if you have to upgrade.

Photo! Editor

( This software comes up with a wide variety of image editing features. If you have a digital camera and you frequently correct the photos you take, this software is an ultimate need for those as it provides great convenience. Like many other image editing tools, you can use the red eye removal features but the differentiating things in this software it that you can add different kinds of effect or even funny caricatures. Also you can enhance the quality of image by minimizing the blur feature so that you can make a portrait for your home if you want to.


( This software is one of the most widely use application for image editing. The interface is very user friendly and there are pre defined effects which you can use to resize image, add brightness or even apply different filters to the software. Also, Photoscape allows you to current images like color adjustment or light correction so that you can get the optimized image you want.

Photo Pos Lite

( The software is a lite version of the famous pro version with which you can easily edit and enhance the existing quality of your pictures with ease. The pictures can be optimized for printing and you can also convert them into different other formats. This software also supports scanners and cameras so the output can be directly edit right after the scanning process. Addition to these features, you can draw and use the painting tools to even edit the way you want. You can also add special effects and filters draw shapes and other image editing stuff using the same Photo Pos Lite.


( This software is another multipurpose image processing tool which is especially designed for tweaking photo, morphing of images. This software can also be used as screen capturing softwares.

Helicon Filter

( If you are new to image editing then this is one of the best tool available with the easiest image editing techniques. In this software the beginners are guided step by step so that they can learn the image editing techniques.

MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer

( If you are looking for software which can edit the files quickly and accurately, then MAGIX is the right kind of software. This software helps in converting your ordinary photos into high end pictures which look like a professional image. Through a series of simple clicks, you can edit and add effects to your exiting image in a very short span of time.



0 #1 Daniel 2011-06-21 22:35
I think there is one more that need to be added to this list. Its name is Paint.NET is also an open source program for Windows and is one of the easiest I've ever used.
You can download it for free in his oficial web page
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