Horizontal Gridfolio

WMT Gridfolio
WMT Horizontal Gridfolio has a responsive layout and 4 predefined themes that you can use.
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Video Gallery

WMT Video Gallery
Display your favorite videos from YouTube to Joomla CMS website inside a categorized gallery.
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Content Timeline

WMT Content Timeline
Responsive jQuery/CSS3 Joomla Module for displaying any organized Joomla content.
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Advanced Flash Menu

Joomla Flash Menu
Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu for Joomla with Administration Control Panel for multiple flash menus customization.
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Requirements: Joomla 1.5 -2.5

uSquare Grid

uSquare is a responsive grid. Display Joomla content in a unique way.
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Content Timeline

Responsive jQuery/CSS3 Joomla Module for displaying Joomla content.
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Pro Mp3 Player

Mp3 Player back-end Control Panel for multiple Mp3 Players customization.
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20 Best CSS Frameworks to help in your Web Designing needs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
These frameworks can help you build completely functional web templates within a few minutes and with minimal knowledge of CSS coding. In this article, we display some of the best CSS frameworks that help web designers and developers all over the world to explore their potential to build responsive and beautiful web applications. Please visit this list and share your views with us.
Super Cool Responsive Menu Designs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Responsive Design has become a necessity now-a-days instead of a new way of design.  With the mobile market increasing by leaps and bounds, it has become imperative to build websites that scale properly and look beautiful in any and all devices. Hence, we need to design all aspects carefully. That includes how the menu is displayed when the site is scaled down.

Thankfully, there are many ways to shift the menu. We can use Toggle Menus, Multilevel Menus, etc. Many plugins were also developed for the same purpose. However, even with these, it is not completely easy to develop them. This is why we have displayed a list of the best tutorials and plugins for developing amazing responsive menus that scale down beautifully.
UI Design Photoshop tutorials that are bound to be handy
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Often, it is the case that many people are interested in the field of web designing but lack the resources and the requisite guidance that is required to learn it in its entirety. To provide a glorious user experience to the user, you need to have a grasp of all the minute intricacies that provide an intuitive and interactive experience. However, with the advent of novel techniques and designs, there is a surge in the expansive knowledge that is freely available to us.

You need only look at the right locations to find a bounty of knowledge. We have scoured the net and are displaying only a section of what is available for us on the net. These select tutorials will guide you in the process of designing widgets, icons, effects as well as wire-framing the whole process of making the app. Have a look at them to start learning.
Blurred Background Websites for Your Inspiration
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
One of the reigning trends of 2014 apart from flat, responsive designs are blurred backgrounds. These backgrounds get the focus completely on the content of our websites. They enhance the emphasis on the objects of our site and hence, provide more impact on the user than the regular designs. Thus, these kind of designs have become very popular. Not only are they simple but also they provide a sleek and professional look to the site.

If you do not have an idea regarding these kind of sites and are interested in using this concept for the design of your site, then here are a few of the most brilliantly designed blurred background sites for your inspiration. Some of them are Wordpress themes, some portfolios whereas others are for mobile websites. But all of them are awesome. Check them out:
Easy Logo Design Tips - Do's and Don'ts
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Creating a proper logo takes time, research and dedication. It's a process that should be adapted to every brand. The need of good logos has skyrocketed over the last two decades as every company, no matter the size, wants to expand its internet presence and establish its brand name as a popular one, and a good logo is a crucial part of the process.

This list is not a direct guide for what you need to do while making a logo, but it does cover a good part of the process.

Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Skins & Designs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Twitter Bootstrap skins facilitate easier and faster web development. It is a free resource that contains both HTML and CSS templates for typography, buttons, forms and even JavaScript extensions! It is the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap is available on GitHub, the open-source development’s social network.

The following bootstrap skins & designs have a lot of extra features like CSS3 transitions & effects, back to top Scroller and Date-pickers to name a few. All these bootstrap skins are LESS (a CSS pre-processor) customized.
20 Beautiful Web Designs that emphasize Blue
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

I know that creating amazing websites that are responsive, minimalistic and snazzy is an intensely creative process and needs to factor in many issues. Now imagine restricting yourself to a single color.  Seems much harder, right? It complicates the process. It increases the complexity by at least twice as much.

You must be wondering, “So why restrict yourself? Use the complete potential of the color palette! That is much more sensible”. That may be so. But what if you had no choice in the matter. What if you are working for a company and your client is bent upon a particular color? They may be fixated because each color has a significant effect on the consumer and they want to leave no loop holes in their website. Here is a collection of websites focusing on one such color that signifies stability, trust, depth, et cetera to the customers.
WMT Carousel Menu Gallery - Joomla Module
WMT Section: Joomla Extensions - WMT Category: Joomla Modules
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

WMT Carousel Menu Gallery - Joomla Module for displaying Carousel styled Menus from already created Menus within Joomla CMS.

In Module Manager you have 6 predefined styles that you can use and all options that are displayed on our Demo page - PRO VERSION ONLY.

Administraor has option to use more then one WMT Carousel Menu Gallery on page - PRO VERSION ONLY. (Example: you can have horizontal, vertical and angled Carousel Menu on same page). 

Superb UX-Designs For Your Inspiration
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Development
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

The following designs are exceptionally creative and implement simple designs in the most attractive manner possible. These designs are for you to have some serious inspiration. Read on.
Really Cool Cloud Based Logo Designs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Cloud Rain
Stumped with the idea for your logo design? Need some specific kind of logo that suits your client or your needs? Don’t worry. Here we are presenting to you some of the most exceptional Cloud based Logo designs that may help you get inspired and make headway in your project at the earliest. Read on to see them.
Cool Icon Sets for Web Designers
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

When you are faced with this task of simplifying everything from the font to the theme, it can be very daunting. For those who value detail, everything needs to be perfect just so. That includes the icons we are using too. Altering every icon and designing each and every one of them according to the color scheme of your design can be very time consuming.

However, what if you already had some cool icons at your disposal that suit your designs perfectly? What if they were free on top of that? Yes. We are presenting to you the best Icon designs that are flat, responsive or minimalistic.

These icons will save a lot of your time and resources and you can happily concentrate on perfecting the rest of your design instead of focusing on everything at once. 

Smartly Designed Free Fonts For Your Design Needs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Every last detail of our design has an impact on the user. Fonts, however, play a crucial role in this matter. The fonts we use may raise our designs to a whole new level or drop it to negative zero. Hence, we need to choose our fonts for our designs with utmost care. Paying for high quality and crisp fonts may not always be the option. For this reason, many generous designers have designed fonts that not only look sleek and professional but also do not cost us a single penny. This is not the case for only crisp, smooth fonts. There are fonts for every occasion and event.

Not only do they decrease the cost of the design, they also enhance its look. Presented below are a few of the best fonts that are available for free on the web for everyone’s usage:
<< Start < Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next > End >>

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