Image manipulation tools

Image manipulation tools - Alternatives

Image manipulation tools – Alternatives

is a very user-friendly tool for both new bees and also professionals for image editing. This software is absolutely free to use, and you don’t have to pay for anything, even if you have to upgrade.

Photo! Editor
( This software comes up with a wide variety of image editing features. If you have a digital camera and you frequently correct the photos you take, this software is an ultimate need for those as it provides great convenience. Like many other image editing tools, you can use the red eye removal features, but the differentiating thing in this software is that you can add different kinds of effects or even funny caricatures. Also, you can enhance the quality of the image by minimizing the blur feature so that you can make a portrait for your home if you want to.

( This software is one of the most widely use applications for image editing. The interface is very user-friendly, and there are pre-defined effects that you can use to resize images, add brightness or even apply different filters to the software. Also, Photoscape allows you to current images like colour adjustment or light correction so that you can get the optimized image you want.

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