Top 5 Websites for Web Development Resources
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Web developer’s Virtual Library:

The Web Developer’s Virtual Library  is a virtual library of unlimited resources for a Web Developer. It showcases its content in a simple manner with user forums for discussions, links and references to other sources, new tip and development tools. With a top rank in most searches, it is a must know website for everything related to Web development lingo and codes.

The web Monkey:

The Web Monkey  is a comprehensive review sort of system for Web Development resources. It has an interactive look and is user friendly to much extent. Although it does not give a list of tools and codes, it uses and reviews the new technologies and gives a brief review of it. Users and readers then have an option to comment on it and discuss it as well in an interactive comment box at the end of the description. Very useful while finding out what other users thought of the product. 

The Web Developer’s Handbook:

The Web developer’s Handbook  is divided into simple easy to use frames for users of all kinds; it has resources on AJAX, Web 2.0, CSS and even CSS in German! The USP of this website is its simplicity and the brief categories in which everything is divided, you can scroll through the page and get information on everything you wanted provided you know what all the technical jargon means.

University of Minnesota Website:

Although not a website solely focused on web development, this small section of the university site is very helpful in finding resources for web designing and keeping up to date with new developments. Developed and maintained by the students of University of Minnesota , this website ranks among top pages and is a comprehensive up to date tool for all Web Developers. A must see!


If you don’t want to look over the large gamut of books and reference source, this website is simple. It is a step by step tutorial of everything related to Web development. With easy language and graphics, it explains how to design your web Page, moderate content or create a new page from scratch. It is a must see for all novices in this field. W3School



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Great Resources.. thanks for sharing.. It helped me a lot..

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