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Top 5 Tips for People That are New to Website Building

Top 5 Tips for People That are New to Website Building

1. Choosing the Right Domain

Regardless if you choose .com, .net, or .biz, it is extremely important at this point to pick a name that matches your business and has relevant keywords. It will be a lot easier to rank a domain than it will be to get anyone to find on the web. Think long-term, too, because this domain name will be something connected to the business for years; get it right now so potential customers can quickly associate the two.

2. Planning the Website

Think in terms of your potential buyers’ needs. Will you be selling a product, will you be providing information, or will you build a website that encourages interaction between the guests? Choose the right design platform carefully and utilize a template that will enhance the customer experience. One thing to consider here, too, is consistency. If you have a logo and color theme already in use at your brick-and-mortar store or on your
business stationery, make sure to use them throughout the website design to tie everything together and strengthen your brand.

3. Outline the Website Content

Don’t make the mistake of rushing to get your website online without having a clear outline in place. Regardless of the platform, the website is going to need basic components like an eye-catching homepage, information about-us page, relevant products or services page(s), and an easy-to-find page that has all of your contact information.

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