WMT Content Timeline – Powerful Content Display

WMT Content Timeline is powerful and lightweight responsive jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Joomla Module , design for displaying any organized Joomla content.

WMT Content Timeline – Joomla Module

1. Install WMT Content Timeline

WMT Content Timeline installs like any other Joomla Extension . If you are not familiar with Joomla Extensions installation, you can watch short video tutorial about how to install joomla extensions.

Navigate to Extensions –> Extension Manager. In the Upload Package File area, click on Browse, select extension archive file and click on Upload & Install button.

2. WMT Content Timeline Configuration

WMT Content Timeline has administrator configuration component where you can add new items (slides) to timeline.

To access administrator configuration component navigate: Components –> WMT Content Timeline.

First screen shows items that are added to WMT Content Timeline

2.1 Add new Item

  • Click on New – upper right
  • Select source for new Item (from Joomla Category /all articles from selected Category will be added/ or single Article
  • After you Select source for Timeline Item, click on the Item Name to edit that Item
  • Click on the No Image to select picture for Item in closed and open state. – you must upload desired images modules/mod_wmt_content_timeline/images

  2.2 Configuration

  • Click on Config – upper right
  • Setup styling options according to your needs
  • Click on Save – upper right

3. WMT Content Timeline Display

  • Navigate to module manager
  • Select module WMT Content Timeline
  • Publish this module to desired position