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1053937_start_srb.jpgFirst and foremost as a new web master you should realize that your website is a collection of web pages and each page should be an individual stand alone web page.  The search engine has made all the web pages in to a big web page and browsers will visit the pages by means of research and flip one web page to another. Generally browsers search for their answers and these search engines provide their answers and they have become a browsers answering tool.
People will only click to your advertisements, banners, etc only on the condition that you have given them a good reason to. There is no need for you to place several banner advertisements on your site and also to include several other wise visitors will fail to understand the meaning of your site. 
You can simply put your idea in writing and your site is neatly organized as long as the message is put across to the visitor with simple explanatory information.
If you are offering products and services then you should explain the benefits so that they get to understand what you have to offer and definitely they will purchase your products and services.  So generally you should be able to explain in full detail what you have to offer than for you to place ad banners and affiliate links on your site. 
Bear in mind that graphics can well present your site but without relevant information your site would be as good as nothing.

As a new webmaster you should also get to understand what makes your site interesting.   Information is what makes a site to be great which means that your site has to be more informative. Another point to consider is that you should be able to provide what the visitors want not what you have to tell them. Bear in mind that visitors come to your site because they would have seen something of interest and if it is not clearly elaborated they will leave your site and go for another one.  So generally great content is what brings visitors to your site.

So basically in order to win the online competition which has got several competitors you have to provide a service or product which is unique. When you have done so then you should focus on how best you can bring targeted visitors to your site and eventually you would have won the online philosophy. Definitely you will get lots of revenue from your site.


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