6 Key Points To Consider When Selecting A web host

2.    Data Transfer Allowance

If you are thinking of hosting a social network site then it would be best for you to get a web host which allows you an extreme high data transfer.  You should also consider on how much traffic the site will give you and if you are expecting heavy traffic then you have to get a few gigabytes of bandwidth allowance per month.  You should also be careful on some web host which offer you unlimited data transfers. Some of these companies claim to offer unlimited data transfer but the end result it will not be entirely true. So getting 5 – 10 gigabytes of data transfer per month would be well enough for you especially when you operating a medium business or personal site.
3.    Technical Support

You should make it a point that you check whether the hosting plan’s technical support is well efficient. Some hosting plans take up to 2-3days to respond to your queries and some take less than 24hrs. In order for you to check on their technical support whether it fast and efficient you first of all have to send an enquiry by email and check how long they take to respond back to you.  Generally a good hosting company should offer you 24/7 toll free telephone support and also to include email.

4.    CGI – Bin Access
Disregard to what type of site you need to host you will certainly have to install some CGI scripts.  Whether it is a contact form processor, mailing list management script, or a credit card processing script your web host has got to allow you to install you scripts so as to run them.  Therefore the web host will give you access to a specific folder known as the CGI-Bin.  Other hosting plans will only allow you to use their pre-installed scripts and this will eventually limit you.  You should also consider if the hosting plan allows you the basic scripts such has Perl, PHP, etc.

5.    Up-Time Guarantee
Another vital point to consider when select your hosting plan is the amount of time their servers “go down”. No matter how good the hosting plan is, providing you with great space including a huge data transfer rate and also great technical support all this will be boiled down to nothing if the hosting plan is not always up and running. Some web hosts actually show you a monitor on how much time the server is always up and running and the average is always at 92% which is satisfactory. Even if the web host does not show you a monitor you are able to monitor your web host server by the use of other website monitors that will help you determine how long the server is always online.

6.    Email Accounts
 You should also consider on how many email accounts you are able to create. Some offer unlimited email account and others limit you.  So the number of email accounts you are able to create is very important especially if you are thinking of hosting a social network at which many visitors would want to open his or her account on your site.


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