10 Web Development Tools to Reduce Coding
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Blueprint  is a simple web development tool. It gives an easy user friendly interface with interactive tools, simple plugins and its most appreciated feature, the built in typography and classes. User can focus on the content and blueprint is one quick way of putting together a website once you get the hang of it and it is pretty simple. blueprint_hed.jpg

HTML entity Character Look up
: It is a firefox extension and luckily for MAC users, it is an inbuilt widget. Simple in function, it helps web developers search for HTML characters like À, è or for fractions and is a simple easy to use tool every web developer must have. More Info

: From bare Bones software, BBEdit  is a tool much like a word processor for coders. With simple use and easy implementation, it helps coders copy paste text, remembers most used blocks of texts and even suggests some of its own. 

: With the increase in mobile apps, coders and developers all over find the tedious amount of code taxing and keeping the HTML up to date, difficult. Sproutcore  offers coders to define a central data, use minimal coding and change the app with change in the model of the mobile. An easy to use powerful tool. sproutsource_hed.png

: And like a cake it works so well. This tool will still take some time to mature but initial response to it has been good, less time, faster coding speed and greater implementation all make it a must have tool for programmers. CakePHP cakephp_hed.png
Xdebug Extension: The Xdebug  extension available at the Chrome store is another useful tool for coders as it bypasses through hours of poring over endless code and points out the bugs in a code in minutes. 
PHP Codesniffer: It is another tool that helps detect errors. Innovative much? It takes thousand of lines of codes and checks it against a standard set of codes and points out the errors, explaining each error , the kind and the exact word that is wrong. Pretty useful for particularly elusive errors. More Info
Mini AJAX: For the occasional clutter brain, MiniAJAX  is a free gallery which has DHTML and AJAX codes for the confounded and the not so confused as well. Pretty useful when writing large pieces of codes. miniajax_hed.png

: Need a know-it-all encyclopedia of everything AJAX? It is here, you have a list of everything related to AJAX, codes, tools, demos and a brief about them and if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can add one for yourself. Click for More Info ajaxdaddy_hed.png

: This is a tool which helps you make complex applications with ease, bypass long codes and the best feature of it; it has GUI which makes boring sessions not so dull. Click for More Info thinwire_hed.png

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