10 Photoshop Tutorials Websites that Every Web Designer Must Check
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1st Web Designer:

1st Web Designer  - This is one very popular website when it comes to website designing. It has tips and tutorials on everything to with Photoshop and you can explore it at leisure, download some resources from brushes and templates to everything else there is.

PSD Tuts:

PSD Tuts  - One of the most popular websites for Photoshop designers. It features a new tutorial everyday and has some very interesting and exciting things to learn as well.

Adobe Tutorialz:

Adobe Tutorialz  - Learn the art from the makers of Photoshop, the best place to see different tutorials and know what exactly the people at adobe had in mind while creating all those tools and brushes. Basic tutorials which add a zing to your website. It is a must visit website.

Good Tutorials: 

Good Tutorials  - This website features tutorials in an easy manner with the description and the type of work you will do. It teaches work on both Photoshop and Illustrator and is a good deal for anyone starting out with designing. You can learn photo manipulations, fiddling with 3D objects etc.

Photoshop Lady: 

Photoshop Lady  - This website is pretty simple one. You choose the type of effect or design you want to learn, pick a category and a tutorial pops out. You can work with 3D text; manipulate images, photos or backgrounds.

Photoshop café: 

Photoshop café  - A website that brings to you the world of Photoshop. You have the tricks and tips of the software, tutorials ranging from easy to extra hard ones, users discussion forums and news and details on updates from Adobe. It is truly a Photoshop café!

PS Hero:

PS Hero  - Another great website for web developers. Contains tonnes of tutorials split into many different categories. It also offers comprehensive graphic design tutorials for web that includes complex background patterns, navigational bars for the web, attractive and innovative fonts and also favorite artistic sepia on photos.

Brush King:

Brush King  - Photoshop brushes are the best way to add that extra touch of glamour to your Photoshop designs. And with brushking, it gets only simpler as this is the best resource one can find on Photoshop brushes. It has more than 6000 brushes and keeps adding more and more. 

Photoshop User TV:

Photoshop User TV  - This website is like the YouTube of the Photoshop world. Here you can watch videos and get access to everything Photoshop, from the latest tricks and tips and new offers to everything.

Computer Arts:

Computer Arts  - This is the website of Computer arts, a digital graphics magazine and here, in the tutorial section you can see all types of free tutorials, read articles elsewhere and know everything there is to about web designing. A professional outlook to it.


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