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Skitter Slideshow:

The Skitter Slideshow  is a Joomla Slideshow module done in JavaScript. It is a fully configurable module which includes 3 D animation in its latest version. It has flash animation, videos and is a very simple and easy to use tool and the 3D animation aspect is a big hit with users giving it a top rating.

Simple Spotlight:

The Simple Spotlight  is a JQuery navigator which allows you to have up to ten images, rotate them and use any kind of transitions between them. It is a very useful tool when you need to work with multiple images at a time and shows them all on your website without much hassle. It is easy to download and use and creates a professional look for the website without using large pieces of codes.

OS Flipping Book:

The OS Flipping Book  is extension which, although, needs registration for downloading but is very useful and savvy. It allows you to create flipping books on your website. A flipping book is a kind of cyber book which takes few articles or images and allows the user to operate it like a book, flip through pages, zoom in and out, go to any page etc. This tool does the same thing when a user clicks on article or a page and creates a flipping book out of it. It looks good and is user friendly as well.

Animate on hover:

The Animate on hover  module is used to animate image or text in a website. It is a useful distraction for users while waiting for some download to take place and also adds an interesting touch to your website. The image can rotate, flip or blink and when a mouse pointer hovers over it for long, it blinks or animates with some text.

Simple image holder:

The Simple image holder  is a simple and very useful module that allows you to put images and flash files in any position on your website, its customizable and XHTML compatible and free. May web Development codes and softwares have a pre defined space for images and the simple task of moving them from one position to other creates problems and requires extensive coding., This image holder places images anywhere on the website and does not require extra bits of codes to be written. It is free, has a small size and is easy to download and install. A must have if you need to put images all over the website.


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