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Seven Joomla Extensions you must have

Seven Joomla Extensions you must have

1. JCE:

JCE is another popular extension of Joomla. JCE is a free content editor that provides the web designers with a set of WYSIWYG editing tools. The JCE is free, extendable and can also be customized according to the requirement of the designer. It makes writing articles for Joomla web design and related things a tad bit easier.

2. Xmap:

Xmap is based on the hugely popular Joomap extension. It allows you to create a map of the site you are designing based on the structure of your menus. It also fixes several bugs that had been reported by many Joomap users in the past.

3. JoomlaXplorer:

JoomlaXplorer is the File and FTP manager. It allows you to edit, copy, delete, rename and archive files directly on the server. Using the JoomlaXplorer is easy and that is probably the reason why it is so popular with web developer these days.

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WMT Pro Mp3 Player - Joomla Extension

WMT Pro Mp3 Player – Joomla Extension

Wmt PRO Mp3 Player is a flash based Mp3 Player for Joomla. Some of WMT PRO Mp3 Player Features: Unlimited numbers of Mp3 Players on website, Unlimited numbers of Albums in Mp3 Player, Custom Album cover; Mp3 Player settings: Auto Play, Continuous Play, On Complete Jump To Next, Repeat, Initial Volume …

WMT PRO Mp3 Player comes with Joomla Administration back-end Control Panel for multiple Mp3 Players customization.

To create new WMT PRO Mp3 Player:

1. Navigate to Components –> PRO Mp3 Player

2. In PRO Mp3 Player Control Panel click on New icon (upper right)

3. Enter new menu name (SMALL CAPS WITHOUT SPACES) and click on Save icon (upper right).

(New PRO Mp3 Player is created in Control Panel and new module is automatically installed with the name of that menu.)

Edit Newly Created WMT PRO Mp3 Player:

4. In PRO Mp3 Player Control Pane, click on newly created PRO Mp3 Player, to add cover images, to upload mp3 files and to make playlist.

4-1. Click on Upload Images to upload album cover images.

4-2. Click New Album to add new Album.

Here you can enter Album Name, select Album Cover image and select Album state.

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Review of some recommended Joomla extensions

Review of some recommended Joomla extensions

Akeeba Backup

Basically, Akeeba Backup is your safety net. This extension allows you to create fast, safe and easy backups of your website. You can then use the backup to restore your website on any server that supports Joomla through an AXA installer that has been implemented to avoid server timeouts. The configuration of the extension is fairly easy and functions through a wizard that does most of the work itself.

JCE – Joomla Content Editor

JCE is an editor that allows Joomla users without any working knowledge in XML, CSS, XHTML, etc. to edit the content of their websites.  It is an environment that closely resembles Microsoft Office, and that is why it is so familiar and easy to use. You can use it to upload, edit and position images, create links that lead wherever you want them to and it also has an integrated spellchecker. It is also upgradable with file manager feature, media manager feature and so on.

Admin Tools

Created by the developer that brought us Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools give us a solution for many of those little problems that can take a lot of time to solve on your own. It updates your Joomla, creates a Secure Administrative ID, provides protection for your website and much more.


AllVideos is an invaluable tool for all websites that incorporate videos and music in their content. By using this extension, you bypass the problem of dealing with large chunks of code when sharing YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud and other media elements in your article.

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5 Joomla Language Extensions

5 Joomla Language Extensions


The Joom!Fish is a language extension module that allows you to exert total control over the translation of the Website’s Joomla content. The Web Developer can translate any content to and from any language with the free extension available and with Joom! Fish 2.1, the Web developer, can also exercise control over third-party extensions.

GTranslate: URL:

The GTranslate module is a must-have for all web developers with its extensive list of languages to translate into. With over fifty-eight languages, it has a reach to over 98% of the internet users. The GTranlate has various versions compatible with all versions of Joomla, like Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7and it makes the content of the website known worldwide with a large language base. The GTranslate uses Google Power to translate and then hides tabs and suggestions over foreign words that prove a hindrance to many users.

Translations manager:

The Translations Manager is compatible only with Joomla 1.5, but despite this limitation, it is a powerful extension every Web Developer must be aware of. Once the Translations Manager is downloaded to your website, it manages all language-related content. The Translations Manager will not translate the language but checks the translations for correct usage and proper grammar and makes it an easy and must-have tool for websites.

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