30 Beautiful Holiday Desktop Wallpapers

The 2013 Christmas and New Year’s holiday season is quickly approaching us and will be here before you know it. For many people, it’s their favourite time of year, filled with lots of festivities and quality time spent with friends and family. If you’re someone who loves holiday cheer and decorations, you’re in luck as there are many free wonderful holiday graphics and wallpapers on the web.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 30 beautiful holiday desktop wallpapers that will not only help to get you into the holiday spirit but will also brighten up your computer desktop.

Merry Christmas Bear

This holiday bear is adorned by a holiday wreath with pine cones and flowers.

Merry Christmas Snowman

You can’t help but think of Frosty the Snowman when looking at this wallpaper, although it looks a little mischievous.

Merry Christmas Ornament

A simple Christmas ornament stocking with a tiny little snowman.

Magical Evening

You can tell that there’s a nice, warm farm burning inside this cozy little home.

Winter Bliss

Here, everyone is having fun in the snow, even the family dog.

A Village in Winter

It’s so cold outside that the pond has frozen over as well; it looks like a great time for ice skating.

12 Days of Christmas

There is a lot of Christmas cheer going on here, from carolers singing to Santa and his reindeer travelling through the sky in the distance.

Christmas Lights

All of the beautiful house lights really give this wallpaper a warm feeling.

Happy New Year, 2013

These ornaments look to have an almost snowy background.

Red Christmas

This background is all red and sparkly, with a hint of gold and black.

Happy New Year, 2012

Again we have ornaments in the snow – red and white.

Classic Christmas Painting

A beautiful snowy scene painted by Thomas Kinkade.

Christmas 2012

This looks like an extravagant Christmas in a large home – the dog especially seems to be enjoying himself.


This simple wooden backdrop with Christmas presents and bells is sure to brighten up your desktop.

Christmas Tree in Paris

This actual picture of a Christmas tree in Paris is magnificent.

Small Christmas Tree

This small Christmas tree, full of ornaments and covered in snow, looks a little lonely.

Abstract Christmas Tree

Here you have a simple black background with a gold sparkly Christmas tree that really stands out.

Hometown Christmas Memories

You can really tell that this is a peaceful place to live, filled with a lot of memories.

Cool Snowman

As you can see, this is one cool snowman lying down in the snow.

Christmas Lodge

This beautiful lodge has a lot of Christmas lights and characters.

Christmas in Team Fortress 2

If you’re a fan of the game Team Fortress 2, this wallpaper is for you.

Merry Christmas

This blue wallpaper has three ornaments and a message that will remind you daily to have yourself a “Merry Christmas!”

Glowing Star on Snowy Tree

The brightly lit tree really stands out against the dark background and looks almost magical.

Santa’s Sleigh

With this wallpaper, you can get up close and personal with Santa and his sleigh flying through the sky.

Winter Wonderland

In this Winter Wonderland, the trees are covered in snow, and the stars are shining bright.

Crash Landing Elf

This comical background is sure to give you and your friends a laugh or two.

Annie the Darkchild

This wallpaper is for all the Annie – The Dark Child game lovers.

Slam Dunk Santa

Here you have another comical wallpaper that displays Santa’s dunking skills.

Snowy Cottage

At this snowy cottage, there’s a nice surprise in the mailbox.

Christmas Bell

This Christmas bell with mistletoe and blue background is simple and elegant.

Now that we have shared 30 gorgeous HD holiday desktop wallpapers, please let us know which one is your favourite?