Horizontal Gridfolio

WMT Gridfolio
WMT Horizontal Gridfolio has a responsive layout and 4 predefined themes that you can use.
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Video Gallery

WMT Video Gallery
Display your favorite videos from YouTube to Joomla CMS website inside a categorized gallery.
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Content Timeline

WMT Content Timeline
Responsive jQuery/CSS3 Joomla Module for displaying any organized Joomla content.
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Advanced Flash Menu

Joomla Flash Menu
Advanced Horizontal Flash Menu for Joomla with Administration Control Panel for multiple flash menus customization.
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Requirements: Joomla 1.5 -2.5

uSquare Grid

uSquare is a responsive grid. Display Joomla content in a unique way.
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Content Timeline

Responsive jQuery/CSS3 Joomla Module for displaying Joomla content.
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Pro Mp3 Player

Mp3 Player admin Control Panel for multiple Mp3 Players customization.
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Timeline Content Banner - So simple yet so powerful
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Tools
Written by Webmaster-tips.net

Content Timeline

When you browse the web today you will come across many variations of banners in a header, some have cool and appealing transitions others have certain functionalities that you may or may not need, but in most cases it all comes down to the design of the image in the banner. If the image or the design inside the banner is good, it can be classified as a good advertising space.

But what if you need more? What if you would like to display 15 or more items in a banner? When you start browsing the web for that kind of a banner you will be amazed with the lack of offer. Even if you are able to find what you need, it will most certainly be stripped of a function that you need or the design will be, let’s say, questionable.

Showcase of Parallax Effect in Website Design
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
 Being one of the most demanded and attractive trend for 2 previous years, parallax effect is becoming increasingly popular the present year, winning more and more adherents each day and being far away of overdone.

You can run into it on any kind of website designs: portfolios, e-commerce, corporate website designs, etc. In fairness it should be noted that this effect is mostly used on portfolios or awareness website designs that try to tell the story or convey an important message to the Internet users.

Websites built by using, at first sight, ordinary scrolling effect that is spiced up with  jquery, CSS3 and HTML5 advanced technique looks really vivid and sophisticated. Even simple monochromatic or minimal website design that is devoid of any illustrations or amazing graphics can draw attention by means of this technique.

Brand-new social icon sets - refresh your website look and make it more trendy
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Social interaction is an essential part of the building online presence. Various social profiles give you the credibility to attract people by making yourself available throughout different means.

Connection between you and your visitors should be simple and fast, so creating sophisticated widgets with animations or intricate interfaces can be tricky, another thing simple icons that easily convey information.  

Understanding the value of these tiny pictures is the first step on the road to success. If icons have been designed and placed well they will definitely not only bring users from all over the world, but also communicate the message of the site and perfectly complement the whole design.

Best Website Designs of the Month
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Every day the web becomes more and more crowded not only with people but also with newly created websites. Moreover, a great deal of old website designs are updating accordingly to recent trends.It’s very important to monitor changes that undergo in this field to stay motivated and trendy.

You should explore galleries dedicated to website designs in order to pick up most of the most designs, analyze them, study them and draw conclusions that in the future to make professional projects. That is why I have decided to make a special monthly roundup where I will showcase best of the best website designs of the previous month.
Roundup of business card psd templates
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
The never stop working marketing weapon - business card is the most cost effective option available for any business. Brief written introduction of yourself that can be gently placed in the pocket pays many benefits.

First of all, you can give all necessary information, including skills, experience, knowledge level, as well as provide potential customers with various contact details up to your twitter or facebook id.

Secondly, with this small piece of paper (or another printable material) you can express yourself, showing your creative side. Today, business card is more than just simple informative cutaway, it is a real masterpiece that shines with originality and ingenuity. Despite existing limitation of size and use of complex decorations, modern business card templates can fully compete with different designers’ projects. You can easily experiment with shapes, colors, fonts and even textures in order to create something unique and memorable.

And last but not least, they are really affordable. Even if your business has budget constraints, you can always turn to the powerful web that harbors a large number of useful components including exceptional business card templates that are available at no charge. Sometimes being gratis doesn’t mean to have poor quality. Most of these business card templates have an amazing execution with meticulous attention to details. You can build upon it, study it or use it without any changes.

Today I have picked up 20 premium-like but absolutely free business card psd templates. You will find amazing ready-to-print mockups that will help to establish your offline presence in a stylish way.
Black & White: 30 Beautiful Website Designs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
When designing a website most of the designers have hard times choosing a color scheme. There are plenty of tools available to help designers to make the best combination of colors for any kind of project. But I would say that colors are not necessary in order to succeed designing a website. There are a lot of more things to consider like composition, proportions, golden ratio, contrast, typography, images etc.

In this showcase you will find 30 beautiful website designs designed in black and white. If you're looking for some design inspiration you should definitely check some designs below.

25 Incredibly Realistic Icon Designs
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Icons are essential design element in nowadays creative field. This usually small graphical element can have a big impact on overall website or software design. Icon can help to create a certain mood, send a message or support the theme of the product. Icon design became very popular trend among aspiring and current designers.

Demand of iPhone and Android apps highly influenced this new trend of detailed and incredibly realistic icon designs. In this showcase you will find inspiring collection of 25 detailed and stunning icon designs. Hopefully you will find this collection useful source of inspiration for designing your own icons.
20 Must-Have Massive GUI kits
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Graphics
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Being not only time saver, GUI sets provide novice designers with essential tools that help them to understand basics of web design. Sometimes, even seasoned designers can find something special in these sets.

Moreover, creating user interface components is considered to be one of the most frequently performed operation, so it’s really useful to have some good examples on hand.

Made by real professionals, these 20 high-quality massive GUI kits, that you will find in the collection below, are well completion to your web designer tools set.
Attain Success with ... Joomla! E-commerce
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Joomla CMS
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Joomla! has been climbing the ladder of popularity in the past few years, and a natural consequence was the development of specialized extensions that would render the platform functional for all the necessary activities – one of these being e-commerce.

As more and more such extensions have appeared and matured, we present here some of the latest for 2012, and the most capable to spark interest.
Traffic Boosting Social Marketing Tools For Webmasters
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Tips for Webmasters
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
Social Media is definitely playing an important role nowadays for the success of a website; this is why it is fundamental to know how to build up the back links and drive social media groups to your website.

Developing your skill in this type of web development does not necessarily have to be tedious, on the contrary, it can be fun and very useful to enhance the visibility and drive traffic to a website.
Design the Perfect Navigation and Make it User-Friendly
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
How many times have you been faced with a website with an impossibly complicated navigational menu? You are sitting in front of your computer or mobile screen, trying to figure out where exactly the Home Button is, meanwhile trying to puzzle out what use “breadcrumbs” could possibly have on the website, you are trying to browse through, if you can simply click on the various tabs to navigate through the pages.
Easy Ways to Get that Creativity Spark Back
WMT Section: Webmaster Tips - WMT Category: Web Design Tips
Written by Webmaster-tips.net
The web designing industry as well as any other creative field often follows certain trends that are popular at one point then fall out of fashion, rendering some designs rather out-dated and boring. Not all of us have the gift of being able to create fresh styles of design or creations that beat the fast-moving design trends.
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