20 amazing HTML5 & JQuery Image Sliders that you probably didn’t know about

Need some fast and responsive HTML5 or JQuery Image Sliders for your brand-new website? Read on to see some of the best Image Sliders in the market and pick any of these that are to your liking.

These sliders are not only fast but provide incredible interfaces and enhance the look and feel of your site. On top of that, they have amazing Transition Effects and Custom Options so that you can edit them as per your requirements.

These sliders are also compatible with multiple platforms, so you will not have to worry about any setup process for a different platform.

Below, we have also presented some tutorials for the coders. Now, go ahead and choose any one from the following amazing Sliders for your project:

1. HiSlider:

2. Unslider:

3. WOW Slider:

4. Nivo Slider:

5. Slippry:

6. Echo.js:

7. 3D Stack Slider:

8. Least.js:

9. Fotorama:

10. Slit Slider:

11. Panorama Viewer:

12. Minimal Responsive Slider:

13. Elastic Image SlideShow:

14. Camera:

15. Galleria:

16. Slidejs:

17. Bubble Slideshow:

18. FlexSlider:

19. Slicebox:

20. Responsive Slider with Fade-Effect: