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WMT Vinil Mp3 Player is the perfect solution for HTML5 mp3 player on your website. This Joomla module is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.x.

WMT Vinil Mp3 Player - Usage

  • Use WMT Vinil Mp3 Player in any module position
  • Use WMT Vinil Mp3 Player as component (via Menu Items)
  • Use different WMT Vinil Mp3 Player for each page on your website
  • Embed WMT Vinil Mp3 Player in Article Item
  • BUY NOW button - direct link to online store where user can purchase song

WMT Vinil Mp3 Player - Module Preview

WMT Vinil Mp3 Player - Dark Skin


WMT Vinil Mp3 Player - Light Skin


WMT Vinil Mp3 Player - Add - Playlist - Image - Song

First you need to install component and module

1. Navigate to Component -->WMT Vinil Mp3 Player --> Playlist

Create new Playlist, click on New button, and enter Playlist name:



2. Navigate to Component -->WMT Vinil Mp3 Player --> Upload


Click on Browse and select *.mp3 or image file for uplaod. Click on Upload button.

3. Navigate to Component -->WMT Vinil Mp3 Player --> Songs

Click on New button to add song to Playlist.



* make sure that songs are published, if you leave them unpublished, WMT Vinil Mp3 Player wont show up on front page

4. Navigate to Module Manager --> WMT Vinil Mp3 Player





Configure options as you wish, choose module position, set status to published and save WMT Vinil Mp3 Player module.

Display Vinil Mp3 Player in Component area (via Menu Items)

1. Navigate to Component -->WMT Vinil Mp3 Player --> Playlist

Click on the Options button







Configure options as you wish and click on Save.

2. Navigate to Menus -->Main Menu --> Add New Menu Item


Click on Select from Menu Item Type and select WMT Vinil Mp3 Player

Click on Select player and click on desired Playlist

Fill in Menu Title field and Save Menu Item

Navigate to Frontpage and click on Menu Item that you just created.



#1 Samh Jophf 2015-04-10 05:56
I have purchased this module for a second time. How come I can't see any link for me to download the module?

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