The 10 Best Free Webmaster Tools

iWebTool Web Tools

iWebTool showcases the top Web tools, which also include useful webmaster tools. There are Search Engine tools to help you check for important things like backlinks, cloaking, PageRank, keyword density, URL redirects, etc. The Domain Checkups tools will help you check your traffic rank, server status, website speed, broken links, reciprocal links, and more.

Plus, there are HTML and Miscellaneous tools that include generators, optimizers, viewers, extractors, cleaners, calculators, and testers.

Search Engine Optimization Webmaster Tools

Are you clueless about SEO and would rather try to figure it out yourself instead of hiring a professional? Submit Express offers you a wide range of free SEO tools that can be used to help boost your search engine rankings and website traffic.

You’ll have access to the following tools: meta tag and keyword analyzer, link popularity checker, XML sitemap submitter, keyword suggester, keyword traffic estimator, SEO dictionary, meta tags generator, PageRank checker, page snooper, broken link checker, link counter and reciprocal link checker.

Webmaster Toolkit

Just as the name implies, the Webmaster Toolkit is the ultimate stop for free webmaster tools and resources. This suite of tools includes SEO tools, Web utilities, domain tools, HTML tools, and resources. The large selection of SEO tools includes keyword research, keyword analysis, a search position checker, a search engine simulator, a meta tag generator and a Web page analyzer.

If you’re looking for Web tools, you’ll find a pinging tool, DNS query, .htaccess generator, link checker, link extractor, CRON generator, MX record lookup, spam block list checker, and more.

Google Webmaster Tools

No webmaster should be without Google webmaster tools! With Google being one of the top search engines, it’s very important to improve your site’s visibility in their results. First, you’ll need to add your website(s) and verify ownership by uploading a file to your server. Once you do this, you’ll have access to many tools and resources. Site configuration includes details about your sitemaps, crawler access, site links, and URL parameters.

Other areas include your site on the Web, +1 metrics, diagnostics and labs. You really want to pay attention to “Your site on the Web” because you can see in-depth statistics regarding your traffic, keywords, and search queries.


Bravenet is a great place for free website building, hosting, and Web tools. If you’re just learning how to build website or just looking for something quick and simple, this is a great place to start. At Bravenet, you can create blogs, journals, guestbooks, photo albums and forums. You can use their easy website builder with drag-and-drop functionality and free web hosting with tons of storage to get a website up and running in minutes.

This includes access to website templates, stock photography, and widgets for your website. Plus, their email marketing tools help you create stylish emails and newsletter sign-up forms. For the price of FREE, you can’t beat all that Bravenet has to offer.


Although MadSubmitter lacks organization by category, it makes up for it with the vast amount of webmaster and SEO tools available for free. Some of the unique tools that you’ll find here include Google fake pagerank checker, visual pagerank checker, Google Datacenter search, Google Caffeine, CPM Advertising ROI Calculator, no follow checker, mobile sitemap generator, Frontpage code cleaner, terms and conditions generator, lorem ipsum generator, flash banner creator, favicon generator, table maker, social media status, and much much more. This is definitely one that you’ll want to bookmark for quick access!


WebToolHub is a nicely organized hub of free webmaster tools, which are categorized by type and include SEO tips. Domain Tools is where you’ll find things like a backlink checker, cloaking checker, proxy detector, ping test, and website speed test. HTML Tools have things like compression checkers, HTML optimizers, JavaScript extractors, Web page comparisons, email extractors, and link extractors.

Search Engine Tools is a great place to check your pagerank and link popularity, create a sitemap, see if your website is banned, and see your position in search engines for a specific keyword. There are also Text Tools and Miscellaneous Tools that you will also find useful.

70+ Free Webmaster Tools

This list showcases 70+ free webmaster and SEO tools and even marks the best tools in red, so you’ll know which ones are great and must-haves. You’ll find the following categories: free website templates, logo design, free website widgets, robots tools, link cloaker tools, website forms, auto responders, SEO – backlink building tools, search engine stats, Internet marketing analyzers, SEO toolbars, MSN Labs Internet marketing tools, keyword research tools, Google AdWords tools, and more. There’s such a huge variety to choose from, but definitely worth a peek.


JustSEOTools appears to provide the same tools and setup as; regardless, they both offer extremely useful webmaster and SEO tools. Just like most of the other lists, you’ll find tools organized by category.

JustSEOTools provides you with link tools, keyword tools, authority link tools, search engine tools, website rank checkers, multi-site rank checkers, header/tag tools, IP tools, miscellaneous tools, social web tools, and source code tools.

There are quite a few tools here that we haven’t seen on other sites, like .edu backlinks checker, .gov backlinks checker, Bing indexed pages checker, MSN Live indexed pages checker, robots.txt checker, DMOZ backlink checker, Yahoo indexed pages checker, Compete, ranking checker, page heat checker, and much more.


Finally we have SEOBook, which provides webmasters with free Firefox Extensions and free web-based SEO tools as well as premium tools. It also offers a section called “Getting the Most Out of SEO Tools”, which “links off to the 6 tool categories you need to use to become a highly-profitable SEO expert”.

There are also various training modules and videos to help webmasters learn everything they need to know about SEO and increasing their Web traffic. This is a very valuable resource site that you don’t want to miss out on.

Now that you have all of these free resources at your disposal, it should make your job as a webmaster much easier!