How to Setup a cPanel-based VPS For Your Website

VPS hosting refers to a Virtual Private Server that’s sold as a service to customers by a hosting service company. It imitates a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment and is technically considered both dedicated and shared hosting.

A VPS kind of hosting is just one of many types of web hosting accounts to choose from in order to get your website up and running online. To get a website online, you need to store the files for your website on an actual web server. But, setting up and subsequently managing a web server can be very costly as well as difficult. On the other hand, purchasing web hosting enables a person to rent adequate space on a web server, which makes it much easier since the only thing that’s required is to simply upload their website files. Today, there are three main types of available web hosting accounts, including the following:

• VPS Hosting
• Shared Hosting
• Dedicated Server Hosting

Each one of these different types of hosting accounts varies, everything from their setup to the level of customization and various features each one offers.

What’s the Difference Between VPS, Shared, and Dedicated Hosting?

With a dedicated server, the customer rents the whole server. Usually, this is for individuals that have incredibly high volumes of traffic to their sites and require that their server be setup in a certain way. However, most people don’t need an entire server to themselves. By renting just a small part of the server, you can save a great deal of money if you’re just starting out. Shared hosting refers to sharing a part of the server with other people rather than renting a whole server alone.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is essentially a web-based graphical control panel that enables you to easily and quickly manage both your hosting account and website. cPanel software provides you with full control over a number of vital functions and processes, including the following:

• Managing website files
• Creating databases
• Setting up autoresponders and email accounts

In fact, cPanel is the most widely used web hosting control panel used worldwide, running countless websites across the globe. cPanel was specifically created to provide website and server owners complete control over their specific properties. No matter if you’re juggling one or literally hundreds of websites and/or servers, cPanel’s point-and-click, user-friendly software enables anyone to customize their web hosting experience any way they like in order to accommodate their needs.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

For most people, the benefits of shared web hosting strongly outweigh the drawbacks. Another deciding factor and benefit is the less expensive for the majority of buyers. Also, there’s no need to conduct tech-savvy maintenance on the host server when running key programs. In fact, for the majority of all websites, shared hosting is the ideal solution primarily because it doesn’t require difficult Linux administration knowledge and it’s much cheaper.

Shared hosting basically requires the user to simply upload their site or web-based system and then configure it to operate. Virtually all shared hosting providers offer numerous services using an easy user-friendly interface control panel that makes it simple to upload your website and create a database and email accounts right away. It saves loads of time and headaches since someone else is maintaining the server other than you, which is why it’s the main choice regarding small to medium-sized websites.

Why GreenGeeks is the Best VPS Hosting Provider

GreenGeeks fully understands their valued customers when it comes to outstanding service and are completely dedicated to fully accommodating their needs and standards. They offer a full solution in order to get your site online as quickly and easily as possible to market your site and start advertising your brand. They have a stellar reputation for exceptional green energy web hosting services along with outstanding 24/7 support services available 365 days a year at a price you can afford. \

Other GreenGeeks VPS Hosting benefits

• High quality servers and adequate bandwidth
• Eco-friendly energy hosting
• RAID-10 SSD Storage Array
• High-rated customer service
• Full video tutorials complete with FAQs
• Website design services availability
• Quality 24/7/365/ customer support
How to Switch from cPanel-Shared Hosting to cPanel-Based VPS Hosting
Follow these steps:

1. First, ensure that all your control panel logins that you use are working.

2. Next, login at and click on ‘Support” and then choose the ‘Migration Request Form’.

3. Choose the hosting service that you want to migrate your hosting to.

4. In order for GreenGeeks to properly transfer your current accounts from your existing web hosting provider, they’ll need a bit of vital information first, including:


Is the migration coming from a non-cPanel web host provider or a cPanel based provider? If your former web host uses cPanel, GreenGeeks can create backups and then restore them on their system in order to easily transfer databases, website files, and emails. If you’re not sure about the panel your current web host uses, just ask them.


If you chose a cPanel migration type, have you previously created and then uploaded your backups to your account with GreenGeeks so they can restore them? If so, let them know where your backups are located along with the file names for each one as well.

5. Provide GreenGeeks with the following important information:

• Your current web host: for example, HostGator
• The URL of your control panel: for example, www.
• FTP hostname: for example,
• Your account username and password
• Provide any additional instructions, if necessary, such as a certain folder or database you would like moved.

GreenGeeks customer service administrators will honor your request as quickly as possible and email you within 24-28 hours. At times, delays may occur due to slow upload speeds from your current web host provider. GreenGeeks will send an email to you after the website file transfer is complete.

Note: Do not modify your DNS settings or ask to have your DNS changed to GreenGeeks servers until all your website emails and files have been properly uploaded by either you or a GreenGeek administrator, otherwise it will make your site go down and therefore fail to run.