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WMT Round Mp3 Player is a HTML5 Music Player for Joomla CMS. This Joomla Module comes with 3 CSS3 skins to choose from. 

To create new WMT Round Mp3 Player:

1. Navigate to Components --> WMT Round Mp3 Player


2. In WMT Round Mp3 Player Control Panel click on New Mp3 Player icon (upper right)

3. Enter new Player name (LOWER CASE WITHOUT SPACES) and click on Save icon (upper right).


(New WMT Round Mp3 Player is created in Control Panel and new module is automatically installed with the name of that player.) 

Add songs to WMT Round Mp3 Player Album:

4. In WMT Round Mp3 Player Control Pane, click on newly created WMT Round Mp3 Player, to upload mp3 files and to setup player


5. Now click on Upload Songs to upload songs. ( Upload size is limited in php.ini, so first check upload size in php.ini )


6. When you finished with songs upload, go back to Mp3 Player Edit and click on New Song button.


7. Select song from Uploaded Songs list, enter song Title and URL (optional), select state and click on Save button


Publish WMT Round Mp3 Player

8. As i said step 3, new module is created with the name of your newly created WMT Round Mp3 Player, so navigate to Module Manager and enter the newly created Module to publish WMT Round Mp3 Player.

- Select module position and publish module.

WMT Round Mp3 Player Front Display

9. When you have finished with adding Songs to WMT Round Mp3 Player, you will probably need to edit Front Display  (change skin, change Auto Play, Initial Volume ...).

To access configuration options navigate to Components --> WMT Round Mp3 Player and click on desired WMT Round Mp3 Player.


Click on the Player Config button (upper right) to enter Configuration page for selected WMT Round Mp3 Player.

Insert Round Mp3 Player in Article

Take a look this short video tutorial that shows how you can insert any module inside an article.

WMT Round Mp3 Player Tips:

  • Important: when you uninstall component com_wmt_round_mp3_player, all modules that are created with WMT Round Mp3 Player, Control Panel will be deleted.
  • Important: when you delete Mp3 Player from WMT Round Mp3 Player Control Panel, module that is assigned to that WMT Round Mp3 Player is also deleted.
IMPORTANT: If you do not receive confirmation email after 24h, please check your spam folder. Also, make sure that you configure email spam filters to accept emails from our website.


#4 Jose Luis La Torre 2014-09-11 20:37
quisiera saber si hay alguna actualizacion para joomla 3.xx
#3 crikey 2014-03-05 11:41
Fantastic MP3 player. So easy to set up. Great customer service too. Well done!
#2 2013-10-30 08:20
Quoting Ian Kellett:
I was going to buy this but there is no single buy - it goes to multiple domain use in check out.

Sorry for that. Link is fixed.
#1 Ian Kellett 2013-10-30 00:50
I was going to buy this but there is no single buy - it goes to multiple domain use in check out.

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