WMT Cover Flow - Joomla Module
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WMT Cover Flow is a flash based Joomla extension with over 35 settings to customize the behavior and appearance.

Each item in WMT Cover Flow can have its own link and link target window and you can specify the image that will show initially. Smooth tweens and true 3D makes it the best solution for displaying your work.

WMT Cover Flow
  comes with Joomla Administration back-end Control Panel for multiple Cover Flows  customization. 

WMT Cover Flow - Joomla Module

To create new WMT Cover Flow :

1. Navigate to Components --> WMT Cover Flow 
2. In WMT Cover Flow Control Panel click on New WMT Cover Flow icon (upper right)

3. Enter new WMT Cover Flow name (SMALL CAPS WITHOUT SPACES) and click on Save icon (upper right). 


(New WMT Cover Flow is created in Control Panel and new module is automatically installed with the name of that menu.) 

Edit Newly Created WMT Cover Flow:

4. In WMT Cover Flow, click on newly created WMT Cover Flow, to add cover flow images, description and to assign links to individual image.

4-1. Click on Upload Image to upload images that you want to use with WMT Cover Flow


4-2. When you are finished with image upload, click New WMT Cover Flow Item to add new Item to WMT Cover Flow


Here you can select image for WMT Cover Flow Item, assign link to that image (custom URL or you can select Joomla Article to link that item to), select link target, enter description.


Publish WMT Cover Flow

5. As we said in 3rd step, new module is created with the name of your newly created WMT Cover Flow, so navigate to Module Manager and enter the newly created Module to publish WMT Cover Flow.

 In module settings, you have option to tune WMT Cover Flow settings to suit your layout.

WMT Cover Flow Front Display, Width and Height Configuration

6. When you have finished with adding Images to WMT Cover Flowr, you will probably need to edit Front Display  (35 settings to customize the behavior and appearance). 

To access configuration options navigate to Components --> WMT Cover Flow and click on desired WMT Cover Flow.
Click on the Display Config button (upper right) to enter Configuration page for selected  WMT Cover Flow.

For each  WMT Cover Flow created in control panel you can configure:

WMT Cover Flow Tips:

  • Important: when you uninstall Admin component WMT Cover Flow (com_wmtcoverflow), all modules that are created with WMT Cover Flow Control Panel will be deleted.
  • Important: when you delete WMT Cover Flow from WMT Cover Flow Control Panel, module that is assigned to that WMT Cover Flow is also deleted.
  • Tip:  when you make changes in Configuration menu in admin back, after you Save your changes, you will probably need to clear your browsers cache before you can see actual changes on the front.


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Download link:
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