Attacat – A Great Tool to Audit Cookies

If you are looking for a great tool to help you audit your website’s cookies and check if the website complies with the cookie directive, then check out Attacat. Some of the advantages of using this tool are the fact that it does not require any registration, it is simple, and, furthermore, it is free.

What this tool does is: find and identify cookies on your site, check if there are any cookies from third parties (that you might not know about) and help you comply with the cookie regulations.

After you have installed the extension in your Google Chrome, all you need to do is to make a few simple steps to generate the report.

First, open only one window and tab and clear the cookie history from your Chrome. Then open the extension in the browser and click on the “Start Recording” button. As you have activated the recording, go to your website and do everything an average user would do (browse, buy, register etc.). After you are finished, click on the “Stop Recording” button and then “View Report”. Easy as that.

What kind of data can you get from the report generated by Attacat Cookie Audit Tool?
This handy tool collects the info about the visited pages, e-mail address (if submitted) and answers to the questions. Info about cookies is limited and includes only the following: name, domain and expiration date. Attacat does not collect any cookie contents, forms and other data submitted while you browse and use the site.

The data collected by Attacat will not be used for marketing purposes, but if you want to receive news and updates, you can subscribe to those when you save the reports. Keep in mind that all EU websites are obligated to follow the guidelines on privacy and data protection regulated by E-Privacy Directive .

To make sure that the recording is accurate, this tool will delete all the cookies from your browser automatically, so if you are logged into many websites at the same time, we can suggest two ways of dealing with this:
Incognito Extension Mode – use the extension with “incognito” mode
Chrome Canary – install this test version of Chrome and use it only for the cookie audit. Canary can be used simultaneously with the version of Chrome you already use, so this could be a very good solution.