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7 Tips For Moving Your Office Furniture To New Premises

7 Tips For Moving Your Office Furniture To New Premises

As part of any office relocation, one of the elements that need careful consideration is the office furniture. Reasons include the sheer volume of it if you have a large office, the value of it, and the fact that unless it all arrives safely at your new offices, it is unlikely that any of your staff are going to be able to do any work.

So, given its importance, and assuming if you are planning office relocations, that you want your office furniture to arrive in the same condition and the same quantity as leaves your old premises, here are seven tips for moving office furniture that should help.

Create An Inventory Of All Your Office Furniture: The starting point should be to create a complete inventory of all your office furniture, even if you do not plan to take everything with you. This way you can not only check everything arrives at the new location, but it will also tell you what new office furniture is required.

Sell Excess Office Furniture Or Donate It To Charity: Once you have checked it and made an inventory if any of the office furniture is surplus to requirements, then you have options. You can either sell it second hand to generate some funds or, if you are feeling generous, donate it to charities who will put it all to good use.

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