7 Tips For Moving Your Office Furniture To New Premises

As part of any office relocation, one of the elements that need careful consideration is the office furniture. Reasons include the sheer volume of it if you have a large office, the value of it, and the fact that unless it all arrives safely at your new offices, it is unlikely that any of your staff are going to be able to do any work.

So, given its importance, and assuming if you are planning office relocations, that you want your office furniture to arrive in the same condition and the same quantity as leaves your old premises, here are seven tips for moving office furniture that should help.

Create An Inventory Of All Your Office Furniture: The starting point should be to create a complete inventory of all your office furniture, even if you do not plan to take everything with you. This way you can not only check everything arrives at the new location, but it will also tell you what new office furniture is required.

Sell Excess Office Furniture Or Donate It To Charity: Once you have checked it and made an inventory if any of the office furniture is surplus to requirements, then you have options. You can either sell it second hand to generate some funds or, if you are feeling generous, donate it to charities who will put it all to good use.

Carefully Dispose Of Broken Or Damaged Office Furniture: For any furniture that is damaged or unlikely to be able to be cleaned properly, you should dispose of it, but do so carefully. Ideally, if any materials are recyclable, then send the office furniture to a recycling centre or arrange for a professional furniture clearance company to take it away.

Hire Professional Removalists And Seek Their Advice On Wrapping And Packing Materials: Once you have established which furniture you are keeping and which you are not, one of the most important steps you take is to arrange for a removalists company. This can be the key to a successful office relocation, so ask for their advice. Ask especially about what packing materials are suitable and what packing methodology is recommended for the office furniture you are taking to your new offices.

Take The Opportunity To Thoroughly Clean Your Office Furniture: One of the opportunities that arise from an office relocation is the chance to have all your office furniture thoroughly cleaned. Whether the materials be wood, metal, fabric, leather or synthetic, hiring a team of professional furniture cleaners can give all your office furniture a new lease of life.

Disassemble Office Furniture That Is Large, Bulky, Or Heavy: Whilst you may have several smaller items of office furniture, for the large items such as a board room table or large office cabinets, your removalists are likely to recommend that they be disassembled for the move. They may offer that as a service, so use them, but if not, it makes sense for you to hire a professional tradesperson to disassemble and reassemble your office furniture so that it does not get damaged.

Label Everything Including Where Is To Be Located In The New Premises: This last tip will save you, your removalists, and your staff so much time and frustration. By labelling everything, marking what office, and where within the office, it should go, you will make the task of setting up your new offices much quicker, allowing your staff to get back to work sooner rather than later.