3 Resources That Will Help You Learn To Create a Website

WMT Category: Web Development

design-development-f.jpgIn today's fast paced virtual world, more businesses than ever are working and thriving in the online space....


Most Innovative And Powerful jQuery Plugins

WMT Category: Web Development
In today's post we will share with you some of the jQuery plugin that proved to be the most innovative and useful...

Top Tips To Add A Mobile Friendly Edge To Your Business

WMT Category: Web Development
Because mobile devices have smaller screens and less processing power, a site designed for desktops is bound to take ages to load. Considering that most visitors don't have the patience to endure prolonged loading times and there's plenty other similar websites out there, having a non-friendly mobile site presents the risk of losing new customers to your competitors.

5 Ways Your Website is Causing You to Lose Sales and How to Fix It

WMT Category: Web Development

If you are running an e-commerce business and you know that you have an excellent product – whether it is an information product, eBook or physical good resale – but you lack sales or subscription conversions, the problem may be your website. Many internet entrepreneurs struggle with website efficiency and user experience effectiveness, and unfortunately website failure could be their sinking ship. Hopefully, I can help fix that and provide ideas to increase click-through rates and sales conversions on your website.

The first step to solving a problem is admitting that there is one. After identifying the most common ways website designs cause sale problems, we will be able to solve those problems with some simple solutions. Always remember, on the internet, simplicity is king.


Superb UX-Designs For Your Inspiration

WMT Category: Web Development

The following designs are exceptionally creative and implement simple designs in the most attractive manner possible. These designs are for you to have some serious inspiration. Read on.

4 Best Web-Development Tools Used to Reduce Coding

WMT Category: Web Development
The web-development business is growing every day. This means that it is becoming more and more complicated to keep up with the competition, if you are in that business, of course. In order to do this there are 3 major solutions.

Firstly, one can write numerous pages of code from scratch, but this takes up a lot of time, so this is not advisable.

Secondly, one can always purchase applications online (this is the easiest way), but these applications can cost a fortune, and this is also not advisable, especially if you don’t have money to through away (like most web-developers nowadays).

The 3rd solution is somewhere in between the two mentioned above. There are numerous web-development tools on the internet that can help the web-developer a lot by reducing the long and exhausting coding process. In the following text there is a list of the 4 best tools that are both user friendly and smart enough to generate complicated pieces of code, just like a very experienced web-developer.

They have all proven to be very helpful in my web-development experience.

6 Ways to Boost Your ECommerce Revenues

WMT Category: Web Development
Having a lot of traffic on your website is the first goal you may have in your attempts to generate revenue online.  While this is a good start the next step of getting people to purchase is much more difficult.  Many things can affect how well you manage to perform with your online campaign.  Here I will list a few that are common among many industries. 
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