Showcase of Parallax Effect in Website Design
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There are several parallax approaches: vertical scrolling which is used by most, horizontal scrolling that can be fairly often seen on websites dedicated to photography or fashion industry and mixed parallax effect that includes both horizontal and vertical displacement, and even diagonal transition between pages that is a rara avis.

Before installing one of these approaches you should properly consider its advantages and drawbacks.

If parallax effect can vary depending on different factors, what always remains the same is the seamless navigation that is power behind the throne. Rich and engaging user experience of website depends precisely on it. So it should be accurate and user-friendly.

Today, I have collected 25 recently created marvelous website designs that use either vertical or horizontal parallax scrolling to inspire you. 

Vertical Parallax.

1. Agile UX Italia

 Agile UX Italia

2. Adidas Design Studios 

Adidas Design Studios

3. Fakeer


4. Adam Coulombe

Adam Coulombe

5. The UK Energy Consumption Guide from Evoenergy

The UK Energy Consumption Guide from Evoenergy

6. Tim Roussilhe Portfolio

Tim Roussilhe Portfolio

7. We are liechtenecker

We are liechtenecker

8. Cirulis Typeface

Cirulis Typeface

9. CSSPiffle Pitch Deck in HTML5 and CSS3

CSSPiffle Pitch Deck in HTML5 and CSS3

10. 4VConnect 


11. Free Range Design

 Free Range Design

12. No Leath

No Leath

13. Piccsy Pitchdeck

Piccsy Pitchdeck

14. The Thomas Oliver Band

The Thomas Oliver Band

15. Bobadilium


16. Lois Jeans 50th Anniversary

Lois Jeans 50th Anniversary


Horisontal Parallax.

17. Thomas Doumen

Thomas Doumen

18. Couleur de peau: Miel

Couleur de peau: Miel

19. HMR Servis

HMR Servis

20. Bandar Arts

Bandar Arts

21. Fancy Rhino

Fancy Rhino

22. Torpedo


23. WWF - Food Story

WWF - Food Story

24. Brooks Shoe Advisor

Brooks Shoe Advisor

25. Second Story Interactive Studio

Second Story Interactive Studio

26. Website Design Fort Worth

Website Design Fort Worth

27. Jackson & Kent

Jackson & Kent

28. Air Jordan 2012 

Air Jordan 2012




#2 Cheap Website Design 2013-01-09 14:37
Nice collections of vertical and horizontal parallax these collections the web design they used is creative and unique. Thanks
#1 web design. 2012-07-10 07:00
Really interesting stuff,a great collection.Some of the examples are so impressive.The parallax scrolling in web design has gained popularity over the past couple of years. Parallax scrolling can be a cool and awesome design concept when implemented appropriately.Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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