Responsive Templates and What They Do
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The variety of devices that people use to access the internet nowadays is astonishing. To make things more complicated, some of the same devices have different types and sizes of displays. 

I-Phones, Android phones, Laptops, PC-s, Notebooks and a sea of tablets and transformer PCs can make life very complicated for a simple website owner. In the past, if you wanted your website to display correctly on a specific device other than a PC, let’s say a mobile device, you had to make duplicate, a striped down version of your website which will be intended to service only the mobile phone users. That time is behind us now thanks to the responsive templates. 

Why are they so popular?

Responsive templates are not such a novelty as they may seem. They have been around for some time now, but be it because of the current trends in web-design, or the lack of a real need for them up until now, they have been kept in the background. Be that as it may, they are under the spotlight now, so let’s see the advantages that the use of these Wordpress templates brings:

An existing desktop website can be reworked into a responsive website.  This is an advantage that most website owners can relate to. If your website has a trademark look and you don’t want to change it, there is no problem. Also, you save money on the design itself, you just pay for the modifications needed to make it functional for all devices.

A single website that serves the need of customers regardless of the device they use. There is no more keeping track of different websites serving the needs of different device users. Not only do they save time in regards of keeping an eye on all the different versions of your website, they also save money blown on their maintenance.

SEO is easier to set up for a single website. There is no more need to set up more than one SEO and the fact that the search engines will have only one website to look for will make it rank better.

Avoiding the cost of making and maintaining a mobile phone version of the website. It is not a rare thing that a mobile phone version is not visited and becomes obsolete. By using responsive templates, you avoid these additional costs.

Do I really need one?

Surfing the web has become our favorite pastime while we are traveling, commuting to and from work, waiting for someone, we don’t even go to the bathroom without our mobile phone, so the need for a universal website design for all devices is great. More and more internet surfing is done over mobile phones in the last few years and the numbers are just going up.

It is a common practice today to google something to settle a dispute you are having with your friends. It is up to the site owner to decide if he/she needs a responsive site template, but the way things are going everyone is going to need one.

What do they look like?

We took the liberty of picking out a few responsive templates and introduce them to you.

KALLYAS - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Providing many options and possibilities for modifications of the template KALLYAS is one of the most downloaded themes out there.  It is SEO ready, translation ready, has loads of different sliders included and, of course, it is a responsive template.

xSquare - Responsive & Clean Wordpress Template


With a universal design, xSquare template can be adapted to almost any type of website. With a built in color picker you can preview the template look in color of your choosing. With great support, video documentation and compatibility with any device and browser, not to mention the one-click setup, it makes it the one of the best templates.

Metronic - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


Here is something a bit different, a responsive admin dashboard which offers a developer-friendly code, 36 template pages and much more. The interesting thing about this dashboard is that there are many things announced to be upgraded in the future versions.

Hope you will enjoy the advantages the responsive templates bring into the picture.


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