Awesome Quora Answers to Logo Design Questions

Logo design is a topic relevant to any business — whether it’s a small business that needs a logo design to establish its brand or a larger company seeking to market a new product or service. The need for good design may be universal, but it can be hard to know where to start. On, you can find answers to questions about design work as well as many other topics. Here are some of the best Quora answers to logo design questions.

What Makes a Great Logo Design?

The reason this answer is so great is that it goes into detail about the various components that make up a logo. Instead of offering an answer that only lists the components, each component is explained. This Quora logo design answer breaks down each element into detail, which makes it extremely informative.

What Makes a Logo Design Effective?

This answer is awesome because it discusses all of the various elements that make a logo design effective. It begins by breaking down the effectiveness of models into three types of stimuli and then describes how these models can be used to provoke an emotional response. This answer also discusses different ways you can achieve these responses. Its value as an answer is directly reflected by how thorough the author was when answering the question.

What is the Thinking behind Cutaway Logo Designs?

The top answer to this question is to the point. It goes on to discuss Gestalt visual theory, the completion of simple shapes, and the time the brain uses to process the visual. The best part about this answer is the author’s take on the logo, which is spot-on. It will be interesting to see if cutaway logo design is a passing trend or a tactic that will withstand the test of time.

How Do I Become a Better Logo Designer?

The reason this question is so great is that a number of authors came together to offer answers on improving your skill with logo design. The top answer discusses the importance of geometric shapes and knowing the basics. Another contains information on knowing when to add something or even take something away from the design. This Quora question is perfect for anyone looking to improve on their logo design skills, especially if they do not know where to start.

What will the Future of Logo Design be Like?

This question looks at the future of logo design. The top answer to this Quora question simply excels at addressing the concept. It begins by discussing how companies have been slowing progressing from more complex designs back to basic geometric shapes. It also uses logo designs for Apple, IBM, and Starbucks as examples and shows the changes that have been made over the years. The answer also projects what these logos may look like in the future.

What Techniques Do Logo Designers Follow to Transform an Old Logo Design into a New Logo Design?

At the time of writing, there are currently two answers to this question, both of which are fantastic. The first Quora answer explains the importance of understanding why a logo may need to be changed to better establish the concept that the company is trying to express. The other explains some things that can help when redesigning a logo, as well as the importance of a logo fitting in with the current trends.

What is the Best Way to Go about Getting a Logo Designed?

This Quora logo design question is effective because it discusses the importance of a brief for your logo design. This brief is what you will send to the designer working on your design. It also details what should be included in the logo design and the importance of being specific.

Regardless of your current skill level, these should give you a few ideas, whether you are updating your company brand, designing a printed marketing campaign, or designing your brick-and-mortar signage through