15 Excellent Designing Portfolios For Your Inspiration

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steven-bonner.jpgThe internet is full from a number of awesome and inspiring portfolios’ designs.

The Best Online Sources for Creative Commons Images

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image05.jpgAs a Web designer, you may want to use free images to enhance your work. 

Webmaster tips for improving the usability of a webdesign

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fasterloading1.jpgA good web designer will always come up with new and great ideas that will set trends.

Neat Web Design Tools and Resources

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codeanywhere_net1.pngA web designer can never have too many tools and utilities under his belt...

Best Typefaces to Use on Your Site

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font11012333.jpgFor a while it seemed like the internet is moving towards a more graphical style of use...

Responsive Templates and What They Do

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themeforest_net_item_xsquare-responsive-clean-wordpress-template_4340253_.pngThe variety of devices that people use to access the internet nowadays is astonishing. 

Amazing Coming Soon and Private Beta Pages

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When was the last time you saw a coming soon or launching soon Web page? There are constantly new tools, applications, and services launching on the Web; so many that it’s often hard to keep up. You’ll find that a lot of these Web pages happen to feature some really cool “coming soon” pages.

Many of these tools, apps, and services also choose to launch in private beta. If you’ve joined as many private betas as me, then you’ve come across a lot of amazing private beta invite pages as well. Not all nice looking websites are necessarily open to the public. Many of them are there to let you know that something new is coming.

Because of this, we want to showcase 12 of these amazing websites that are sporting some amazing “launching soon” pages. Unfortunately we can’t list them all, but this list will really show you some of the best coming soon and private beta pages invite that are out there.

How to Simplify Your Web-Site Design

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A simple web-design has its benefits. It makes the web-site more user friendly, and it helps a lot in the overall success of the site. For example, you get more visits or subscriptions, and this contributes to better ranking on various search engines (like Google or Yahoo).

On the other hand, if you are designing a web-project for a customer, it is advisable that it is simple and concrete. This will improve your chances of selling it.

Web-Design Tips: Types of Clients

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A job of a freelance web-designer, or web-developer, is not only tricky because web-designing  is itself a very tricky and difficult job, but also because these people get into contact with all sorts of clients. They are considered to be the key figures, when a designer’s overall success is concerned.

The following text is concerned with the most common characteristics of different types of clients. It is imperative to know how to deal with these people in order to have a good and fruitful career.

14 Remarkable Single Page Web Designs

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9. Grayden Poper.png 
If you are creating a site that does not need a lot of content, a single page design may be the way to go; since the homepage will hold everything. Therefore, I have come up with a collection of single page web designs that simply rock, and make some pretty mean sites.

Exceptional Typography in Web Design

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Austin Beerworks
Every website represents the set of text and media data that describe owner’s business to the full. For a long time only images are considered to be the main tool that attract user’s attention, but today with modern technologies and advanced techniques, you can use at full length another essential part of website – text, whose appearance in the first place depends on font type.  Now you can make visible hierarchy of the content not only by means of different headings or font sizes but also with unusual  typefaces.

Best Website Designs of the month - August 2012

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As August wore out it's time to take a look at recently appeared website designs. I have collected 15 remarkable examples that comply with modern trends and standards, and, it goes without saying,

bring an aesthetic pleasure.


Time Saving Helping Hand: Popular Grid Systems

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Every professional developer has its own toolkit that can help him to create project quickly and efficiently. It can includes different plugins, templates, sources etc, but if you are website creator you should definitely have in your pockets some useful grid systems that will play role of basis. They are not just simple foundation that provides with initial HTML and CSS files, they are truly time-saving tools that meets modern standards. 

Today I want to refill your collection with popular grid systems that can satisfy any captious and egregious demands.


Best Website Designs of the July 2012

WMT Category: Web Design Tips
August comes into its possession, so it’s time to showcase best of the best website designs of the second summer month - July. I have included website designs that perfectly meet the modern trends such as parallax effect, one page, fully illustrated, interactive websites and other well-made projects that can be inspiring.

Hot Web Design Trend: Huge Sliders

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Initially created for organizing and presenting content in both attractive and compact way, sliders become an integral part of every website design. It’s nearly impossible to run into website that don’t include slider section. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, most blogs don’t have sliders since theirs owners consider this website element more as an optional rather than as a mandatory part.

Moreover, classic blog design is known to represent information blocks in series, so slider with chaotically showcasing data doesn't really fit in. As for rest, slider is the best choice to highlight special messages and show off your recent portfolio items or popular projects.

Generally speaking sliders have more advantages than disadvantages. With advanced jquery technique that allows you to install simple slider in seconds, you will get appealing and multifunctional section of the site that won’t overload server due to fast loading and processing and easily grab users’ attention. Also, being properly made slider won’t let your previous posts sink into oblivion, making your site dynamic and vivid.
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