How to Simplify Your Web-Site Design
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However, there are cases where you don’t know what to do to simplify your web-design. Here is some advice that can get you started on dealing with this issue:
  • Most web-pages fail to do the most essential thing. They don’t give enough focus on the essential elements of the page. There should be no distracting content that will confuse the visitor. Actually there is this “80 – 20” rule that web-designers and web-developers should follow. It states that 20% of your site should be dedicated to snippets and social media badges. They are usually smaller, and this is illogical, because, if they are visible, your site has a high chance of getting better promoted. Furthermore, this contributes to the overall efficiency of the web-site, so it is rather illogical not to respect this rule. The other 80% should solely be dedicated to presenting the essential content in the best possible way. This reduces the chances of the visitor staying on your web-site just for a short amount of time. That way they, in the end, spend more time exploring the content.
  • It is imperative that you have no unnecessary elements on your web-site. So if it is overcrowded, be sure to remove all of them. In most cases, 80% of a web-site is overcrowded with things that are getting it nowhere. So, be sure to put just the essential things on the design (in some cases, you can add a few unnecessary ones). This does not only contribute to the overall efficiency of the web-project, but it is also, simply, better looking.
  • If there are fewer places on a web-project that are available for exploration, it is only natural that it will be more efficient. So, it is advisable to reduce the number of pages. When you give it a thought, you will realize that, actually, there are very few actually important pages, so the unimportant ones will have to go. This issue can also be dealt with by merging two or more pages into one. This contributes to the user-friendliness of your site, as people get very confused, when they know that there are many different places to go to.
  • The following advice is sort of logical. Get as much content above the fold as possible. Most browsers, when they enter a web-site, they just look at what appears firsthand, and they neither scroll nor click, but just look for information there. So you should make this part of the web-project be as informative as possible. All the main content should be put on the top, as well as other important things, like a call-to-action buttons, for instance. The “fold” is actually the lowest part of the site that can be seen when it is opened. If you have a “sign up” button, and it is below the fold, fix this immediately.
  • Finally, you should try and not have that many colors on a web-design. It is said that you don’t need more than 2 or 3 colors in order to have a good looking site. People might argue, but, think about it. How many times have you came across a web site that just has black, white and red colors? Was it bad looking? Was it done without taste? No, but the designer had a good idea and he or she put it to a good use. That is, basically, what you should do.

I hope that the text above is considered helpful by the reader. I also hope that it provides enough information to get you started on simplifying your web-site. Put your creativity to a good use, and, next time you start a project, start it by having a simple but effective idea. That way, everything is both easier to make and better functioning, which is a win-win situation.



#1 longbeachwebdesign 2013-03-18 11:07
thanks for the tips. they are really awesome. definitely looking forward to have more like this type of information.

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