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One of the main advantage of primarily relying on typography in order to create memorable website design is its fast-loading and wide-range design properties. Due to new possibilities you can install your own or use others exceptional fonts. The more extraordinary and unique type font is, the more website will look sophisticated and magnificent. 

But in this race for the originality, you should not forget about the harmony, that is to say the selected font should perfectly complement the whole design, playing connective role between the content and other components and not destroy this bond or scare away viewers.

So, sometimes it’s better to choose more ordinary font rather than peculiar one. Beyond doubt choosing the right typography can be really tough and time-consuming, but if you be capable of finding necessary one, your website design will definitely allocated among the others. One way to win in this challenge is to create your own font that will match the style and the theme.

Today I have collected 20 examples of using exceptional typography in website design that in the majority were self-created. I hope you find something inspiring for you and next time will rejoice us with really outstanding typography.

1. Adline


2. Folicure


3. Listok Cafe

Listok Cafe

4. Meaning Conference

Meaning Conference

5. Qasim Aziz

Qasim Aziz

6. Wigolia


7. Bobadilium 


8. W3haus


9. Cirulis Pro Type

Cirulis Pro Type

10. Can Yelok

Can Yelok

11. Bandar Arts

Bandar Arts

12. Flint Boutique

Flint Boutique



14.Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks

15.Barcito Chicago

Barcito Chicago

16. Equilibrium


17. El cohete de papel

El cohete de papel

18. Michelberger Booze

Michelberger Booze

19. Kinetic V5

Kinetic V5

20. Coca-Cola




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Useful information, thanks for sharing..

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