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1. SuperChemical 

is an interactive one page portfolio with an amazing vertical parallax effect. Use of muted colors and retro elements create a feeling of old times.


2. Adventure World 

is another great example of using vertical parallax but this time you should scroll it up. Leveraging vivid campy illustrations with bright color palette, the website design has an appealing cheerful look.

 Adventure World

3. Arun Kumar 

uses quirky light background, simple typography and illustrated self-portraits to get more engaging with personality.

Arun Kumar

4. O’lala 

is an extraordinary ecommerce website design. Use of cardboard texture with big simple prints as a background, colorful sketched girls that represent each section and textile header adds the note of handmade product.


5. Piccsy 

has a really simple design with a bicolor palette. Use of only white and deeppink colors and simple bold typography make the design executed in a minimalist style, but it doesn’t make it boring in no case. This approach is a great solution for those who want to convey important information to users.  


6. Dangers of Fracking

Using one of the main trends in website design - parallax effect, designer wants to tell the story with overtones. The noised backgrounds, softened colors and a bunch of consecutive, related with each other illustrations bring the idea alive.

Dangers of Fracking

7. Le Tipi 

has a classic structured website layout with spectacular highly illustrative main page design that successfully combines textured background, 3 completely different main colors, figured elements and unaccustomed mascote.

Le Tipi

8. Biamar 

uses large high-quality photography background that creates an aura and signify the substance of a website. It is also a one page corporate website that is filled with catchy photos and regular fonts.


9. Adline

Supported by exceptional typography that mimic hand-written illustrations, the design creates a natural feelings. It consists of 3 main pages which are differing from each other only the content.


10. The Amazing Spider-Man Game 

is sterling interactive website that represents a video game. Truly magnificent pictured landscapes that you have an opportunity to explore and a great deal of first-rate animations not only captivate but also bring an aesthetic pleasure.

The Amazing Spider-Man Game

11. Sony make believe 

includes horizontal parallax effect that allows to move between the gorgeous fullscreen photography representing various possibilities of the gadgets.

Sony make believe

12. Guided Creative 

combines two different types of website designs. At first sight, website is seemed to be an one page online portfolio, but  then, you realise that it is traditional website that consists of 6 separate pages each of which has the same structure and small parallax effect. The header and slider section play an essential part in the whole design complementing it with illustrations and explanatory text depending on each page.

Guided Creative

13. The Neighbourhood 

strikes with its remarkable header illustration which you have not seen very often on simple blogs.

The Neighbourhood

14. CTRL + Paper 

is an experimental website that, unfortunately, works only in Chrome. All in all, this is not only a great example of using the full power of modern WEBGL tools and technology, but also an astonishing 3-dimensional design and illustrations.

CTRL + Paper

15. Nature Valley Trail View 

comes off comprehensive, sophisticated, but approachable at the same time. The website gives an opportunity to freely and easily explore nature park by means of high-detailed amazing images and advanced techniques.

Nature Valley Trail View

16. Mailboxing 

is an artistic app website design that take every detail into account. Packed with distinguishing characters, abstractions and restrained colors, one page site creates post-soviet atmosphere in a rather fun form.

17. Play maps cube 

is another advanced interactive website that charms with its use of the latest techniques and simple but expressive design. As usual, you can take pleasure in playing 3D game only in Google Chrome.
Play maps cube

If you have any suggestions or you do not agree with me, let me know. I appreciate any opinion.



#3 taranjit 2012-08-11 20:38
These are great looking website, nice collection.Thanks for sharing such great web designs.
#2 orange county web de 2012-07-02 13:36
These look very inviting.
#1 Paulll 2012-06-29 10:14
Thanks for the great collection! I'm gonna wait for the new posts!

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