Best Website Designs of the July 2012
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1. Ian James Cox 

is a paper based website design that includes hand-drawn elements and cursive font. Unique parallax effect opens pages in different directions that are accompanied by bold black line.

Ian James Cox

2. Babel 

is an interactive fully illustrated one page website dedicated to promotion the book for children. Pictured elements and iDevices complement each other perfectly.


3. Creative Pundits 

is a great example of website that has fully interactive main page which quickly adapts to different screen sizes. Every inner page has large photo background, the header is made with 3D touch.

Creative Pundits

4. Nicolas Tarier Photography 

is a perfect portfolio for any type of photographer. Landing page represents the most spectacular photos from the galleries. It is also responsive website, images change their size according to the size of the browser.

Nicolas Tarier Photography

5. Matteo Zanga 

has drag and drop technique by means of which you can navigate between sections. The first thing that catches the eye is clear separation of the site into two parts by means of the artist portrait and color palette. The background also plays the role of the open gallery.

Matteo Zanga

6. Basil Gloo 

goes for the grunge look with vertical parallax effect. The content section is extremely narrow what makes the website perfectly suitable for easily adjusting to any screen size without any significant changes.

Basil Gloo

7. Coocci

employs a huge full screen image slider. Every page has an animated background with interactive parts that shows necessary information.


8. Roger Dubuis

is a spectacular dark flash-like website design. Several sections have slider with large high-quality photos with piece of information.

Roger Dubuis

9. Mammoth Booth 

takes both elegant and sophisticated hand-drawn design. Main page meets the user with extraordinary call-to-action button that reveals tiny image gallery.

Mammoth Booth

10. Peter Wesolowski 

is another perfect example of using hand-drawn style in creating one page portfolio. Peter uses moderate color scheme and harmoniously incorporating drawn pictures. Every section is made with originality.  

Peter Wesolowski

11. Mohiuddin Parekh 

calls on school style, integrating chalkboard background with white hand-written piece of code. Despite of having only 3 sections Mohiuddin was able to reveal all his personality and skills of the designer.

Mohiuddin Parekh

12. Lab4motion

At first sight, website seems to be very simple, ordinary parallax effect, monochromatic background and bunch of circumcised images. But then, after second consideration, you can definitely notice all the sophistication and complex of the design.


13. Wigolia 

has a minimalistic bicolor design with amazing illustrations and a barely perceptible animation that appears only on the first seconds after a full load.


14. Iully Online Travel Agents 

is a one page website with remarkable illustration that is traced throughout the whole design. It includes all necessary parts: blocks of information, call-to-action button and last but not least contact form. All these parts are perfectly integrated into illustration.

Iully Online Travel Agents

15. Operation Butterfly 

does a good job of combining textured sidebar and photo-manipulated content section. It has only 2 pages. First one is main page that goes far down revealing partners and works. Second one is called “about” and tells users about the team.

Operation Butterfly

16. Jess and Russ

Nowadays, it is rather popular type of website design, that is dedicated to marriage. Some time ago designers start to show their skill not only by means of works but also using any opportunity even such a happy events as wedding.

Jess and Russ

17. Mini Japan 

is a standard one page website design with vertical parallax effect. It includes a great deal of images and sections that describe the car in the best way.

Mini Japan



#1 joom-friends 2012-10-12 14:51
These are elegant templates. Our favorite is the Template of Matteo Zanga. Good work.

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