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Hello is a team productivity tool for the iPad that will be launching soon. This app claims to be “the future of email.” As you’ll see, it also seems to be the future of great launch pages thanks to its horizontally scrolling Website, and its elegantly designed theme to match.


Hangnest, currently in private beta, will be the place to find global hangouts. No matter where you’re travelling, Hangnest can be your source for fun and entertainment. Their beta invite page is simple, yet eye-catching; the map background really helps it to stand out among the rest.


Wintrr, currently in private beta, is a community for Web developers and designers who are looking for inspiration. It’s also a great place for saving and organizing your own codes and designs. Wintrr has a very unique and responsive website layout, and a great color scheme.


When you first visit Hoblee’s private beta invite page, you may think that it’s nothing special. However, once you start scrolling down the page, you’re sure to be impressed with its refreshing colors and clean layout. The footer bar that turns into the header bar once you start scrolling, is also a very nice touch.


Yeok is launching a website based on surreal dreams and imaginary friends; that alone is an interesting concept. The website design is slightly on the eerie side, yet also pretty creative. I almost expected the strawberry to start talking, but sadly it doesn’t.


Sparticl is looking for people who would like to help launch their site, which is sure to make you smarter since it’s all about science! If you love anything and everything about science, this website is for you. I especially love the partly hand drawn slideshow on the homepage.


7write’s website is both stunning and responsive, so it will look great on any type of device. You can currently sign up to be a part of the launch. My favorite part of this website is the background image on the top header, which is also filled with cool little icons.

Pencil Case

Pencil Case is another awesome website for designers and developers; it’s a great place to discover, collect, and share awesome Web tools. Their private beta invite page has a gorgeous, dark background with just the right amount of color to really make it pop.


Rel8 will soon launch a website that will “change the way you use social networks.” I love the little affect that you see when you move your mouse around the page: the thumbnail images at the top move slightly in the opposite direction of the mouse.

famo_us.png has a really awsome private beta invite page - one that I could probably sit and look at for hours. Since is a JavaScript engine and framework that solves HTML5 performance issues, it’s only right that the website showcases one of the cool things that it can do.


Adtribution has a private beta invite page that is both creative and interactive. Just click on your answer to the question at the top of the page, and the website will do the rest. A beautiful dark theme and some cool little effects, what more can you ask for?

Graph Search

Finally we have Facebook’s new Graph Search Web page, the page is almost as cool as the feature itself - which is currently in a very limited beta program. You’ve got a nice large slider at the top with some subtle effects, and a clean design that really draws you in. After seeing this page, who wouldn’t want to try out Graph Search?

Over to You

From this list, which Web page is your favorite? Have you come across any cool “coming soon” or “private beta invite” pages lately? Freel free to share in the comments.

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