Responsive One Page Template "Cardio" - Free Download

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Modern and clean responsive one page template "Cardio". This gym related theme is built with Bootstrap

eCommerce Clothing Free PSD Theme

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Free *.psd template for on-line store. Modern, flat design. 2 Versions available...

20 Amazing Illustrated Websites for Your Inspiration

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When you are in the web design industry, there is no limit to what you can include in your websites. Really! You don’t believe it? Well, you better do. Because when the top trends are responsive, flat designs and minimalistic effects, there are some websites developed by very creative designers that incorporate complex designs, flash videos and HTML5 snippets to enhance the look of their website and give the user a truly unforgettable experience.

You can use these ideas as inspiration for your website. If you need to create websites that use Illustration as a factor, here is a beautiful array of websites that use some exceptional Illustrations and effects as a part of their awesome websites:


20 Best CSS Frameworks to help in your Web Designing needs

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These frameworks can help you build completely functional web templates within a few minutes and with minimal knowledge of CSS coding. In this article, we display some of the best CSS frameworks that help web designers and developers all over the world to explore their potential to build responsive and beautiful web applications. Please visit this list and share your views with us.

Super Cool Responsive Menu Designs

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Responsive Design has become a necessity now-a-days instead of a new way of design.  With the mobile market increasing by leaps and bounds, it has become imperative to build websites that scale properly and look beautiful in any and all devices. Hence, we need to design all aspects carefully. That includes how the menu is displayed when the site is scaled down.

Thankfully, there are many ways to shift the menu. We can use Toggle Menus, Multilevel Menus, etc. Many plugins were also developed for the same purpose. However, even with these, it is not completely easy to develop them. This is why we have displayed a list of the best tutorials and plugins for developing amazing responsive menus that scale down beautifully.

Blurred Background Websites for Your Inspiration

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One of the reigning trends of 2014 apart from flat, responsive designs are blurred backgrounds. These backgrounds get the focus completely on the content of our websites. They enhance the emphasis on the objects of our site and hence, provide more impact on the user than the regular designs. Thus, these kind of designs have become very popular. Not only are they simple but also they provide a sleek and professional look to the site.

If you do not have an idea regarding these kind of sites and are interested in using this concept for the design of your site, then here are a few of the most brilliantly designed blurred background sites for your inspiration. Some of them are Wordpress themes, some portfolios whereas others are for mobile websites. But all of them are awesome. Check them out:

Responsive Twitter Bootstrap Skins & Designs

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Twitter Bootstrap skins facilitate easier and faster web development. It is a free resource that contains both HTML and CSS templates for typography, buttons, forms and even JavaScript extensions! It is the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. Bootstrap is available on GitHub, the open-source development’s social network.

The following bootstrap skins & designs have a lot of extra features like CSS3 transitions & effects, back to top Scroller and Date-pickers to name a few. All these bootstrap skins are LESS (a CSS pre-processor) customized.

20 Beautiful Web Designs that emphasize Blue

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I know that creating amazing websites that are responsive, minimalistic and snazzy is an intensely creative process and needs to factor in many issues. Now imagine restricting yourself to a single color.  Seems much harder, right? It complicates the process. It increases the complexity by at least twice as much.

You must be wondering, “So why restrict yourself? Use the complete potential of the color palette! That is much more sensible”. That may be so. But what if you had no choice in the matter. What if you are working for a company and your client is bent upon a particular color? They may be fixated because each color has a significant effect on the consumer and they want to leave no loop holes in their website. Here is a collection of websites focusing on one such color that signifies stability, trust, depth, et cetera to the customers.

Smartly Designed Free Fonts For Your Design Needs

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Every last detail of our design has an impact on the user. Fonts, however, play a crucial role in this matter. The fonts we use may raise our designs to a whole new level or drop it to negative zero. Hence, we need to choose our fonts for our designs with utmost care. Paying for high quality and crisp fonts may not always be the option. For this reason, many generous designers have designed fonts that not only look sleek and professional but also do not cost us a single penny. This is not the case for only crisp, smooth fonts. There are fonts for every occasion and event.

Not only do they decrease the cost of the design, they also enhance its look. Presented below are a few of the best fonts that are available for free on the web for everyone’s usage:

Elegant & Responsive Portfolios for your Inspiration

WMT Category: Web Design Tips

Responsive, minimalistic and flat designs are reigning supreme. Straight lines, less elements, distinct color combinations and unique content should be the focus while designing these kinds of sites.

Leading these designs are simple color palettes and typography. Displayed below are some of the best portfolios that were launched recently. They are simple. They are responsive. They inspire.

Amazing Login Page Designs for Your Inspiration

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With changing trends, we need to change our respective strategies when designing. This year, we know that responsive, flat designs have become the trend. Accordingly, we need to incorporate this into every aspect of our designs. That applies to the login page too.  Previously, the login page used to be simple and did not involve much designing.

To help you settle in to this change, we have rounded up some very interesting login page designs that involve floating boxes, transparent backgrounds and even sophisticated designs.  These elegant designs are displayed so that you get an idea of the popular trends and ideas behind each design.

20 amazing HTML5 & JQuery Image Sliders that you probably didn't know about

WMT Category: Web Design Tips

Need some fast and responsive HTML5 or JQuery Image Sliders for your brand new website? Read on to see some of the best Image Sliders in the market and pick any of these that is to your liking. These sliders are not only fast but provide incredible interfaces and enhance the look and feel of your site. On top of that, they have amazing Transition Effects and have Custom Options so that you can edit them as per your requirements. These sliders are also compatible with multiple platforms so you will not have to worry about any setup process for a different platform.

Below, we have also presented some tutorials for the coders. Now, go ahead and choose any one from the following amazing Sliders for your project:

20 Resources That Every Designer Needs

WMT Category: Web Design Tips

Ever felt you were being bogged down by the resources that you have at your disposal? Ever felt that if you had a better or a more attractive resources ...

15 Excellent Designing Portfolios For Your Inspiration

WMT Category: Web Design Tips

The internet is full from a number of awesome and inspiring portfolios’ designs. By making your online visibility more impressive as you expect, it is vital to create online portfolio that will help you stand out in this challenging marketplace. It can be designed in different sizes and shapes, it’s up to you and it doesn’t matter whether you are an illustrator, web-savvy developer or graphics designer.

Not only this, it is a way that presents your site and attracts your potential clients effectively. The portfolio gives a superstar web designer touch & an innovative thinking lets you enable to engage more clients for a long time. There are a plenty of online tools available over the web that can help users build a portfolio without having sound knowledge of coding.   

Check out 15 most inspiring and incredible online design portfolios for all, whether a design agency or individual site designer.

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