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Set up over 6 years ago, Webmaster Serve has been a platform for webmaster with different and diverse experience to come together and compare notes and experiences. From complete newbie to webmasters with over 15 years experience every members have a unique skill, experience and different takes on most aspects of webmastering ranging from coding in HTML to developing websites using some of the popular web development tools such as dream weaver and other web design and development platforms. Most new members alwas remark about how friendly members of Webmaster Serve are.

Apart from the practical help Webmaster Serve members give each other, they also trade in various stuff at the webmaster marketplace section of the forum, there is also. If you have too much of a webmaster good or service, instead of selling it on eBay where you will pay a commission, you can just put it on Webmaster Market place and sell it directly to other webmasters without the need to pay a premium for selling it.

There is a good exchange section in the webmaster marketplace section where money does not change hands, you just swap a good or services you do not need any more for what you need that another webmaster has, this includes links at the UK link exchange forum section of the marketplace.

As most SEO consultants know, tools are an integral part of webmatering, thought there is the mighty google webmaster tool for most of your web mastering needs, however there are those niche tools that even google does not provide, that is where Webmaster Serve tools section comes to its own again.You can find some fantastic time saving webmaster tools at UK webmaster Serve.

Membership of UK Webmaster Serve is free, we invite you to join us!


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